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BMS also offers an Honors program here for those interested in that extra challenge! They are now also apart of the Behavioural Department rotation as well. They no longer taught by the regular teachers here. Honors is also an apply only thing unless you have received an award from our students and staff awards a while back or have been admitted into this program with a special reasoning without the use of an application.

The Honors children make sure to do the best that they can, pulling off mostly almost everything that they’re assigned. This program is mainly directed by the Honors Director whom of which is billylaurita. She makes sure to get on a deep level of understanding with the students that are in her program. Trying to make sure that those that educate his students, are always on task making sure that the assignments and so are that are being assigned- are reasonable.If they have any concerns or even questions that they feel need to be voiced. They’re also great suggestion makers whenever it comes to most things. Currently, they are a pretty small group- but applications are always open and you should refer to below for the application.

Honors Application

If you look under our group games, you should be able to find a game called SE/H Application. From there you would run the game and fill out the Honors form if you’re interested. You can find the game by following this link, ensure that you are in our group to be eligible to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact ericanoterika via Roblox PM or DM.


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