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Welcome to the board regarding staff absences and strikes. If you were looking into working with us or currently are doing so, and happen to have a few questions- you’ve found the right place!

It’s pretty simple as most things are covered in our getting ready guide that we provide.

Absences are in fact limited to only 3 unexcused absences before you are fired. (You don’t need to have exactly 3, depending on if you have strikes already.) The only way to get an excused absence for any times you are leaving is to submit it to our inbox. Excused absences are unlimited, but should not be abused to one’s advantage. Remember, not everything is excused and only reasonable ones will be accepted. Things such as wanting to go play another game, your cat ate your computer or something like that will not be accepted.

Always make sure you submit the absences properly, as not doing so may result in your absence being marked as unexcused; however, if for some reason your inbox is not working, you would then need to message our Staff Coordinator- whom is Malixck.

Strikes are given when you fail to comply with our rules in place. Depending on how badly the rule was broken will affect how many strikes you receive. Not only that, but any of our unwritten rules, this is where your common sense steps in; even though, most of our rules are directly stated, you still need to use your senses.

Together, both absences and strikes make up your total amount of attainable strikes. You have 3 chances for both absences and strikes combined. So for example, if you get an unexcused absence, then a strike for your behavior and then another unexcused absence, you’ve now used up all those 3 chances. And no, we don’t forget, as everything is logged and not permitted to be viewed by lower staff. (Anyone lower than School Administration staff.)

Still got questions, maybe even a concern? Please message Staff Coordinator+

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