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Not possible, sorry. I’m only able to roughly identify what server you’re in after you’ve connected

what if you used games api to get all existing servers in place?{placeId}/servers/0

then make the client join server with lowest ping (you can get the jobid via same api too)

for example this API endpoint would return all servers inside game called “jailbreak”

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hi pizza, would there possibly be any chance we could get an option/keybind to modify our ingame FoV? would really be great for screenshots, and any other stuff, as scaling it up in post isn’t really worth it. thanks

Nope, not really possible. Sorry.

Is there a way to disable the popup when joining a game with launchData?

Popup that I am talking about


Just enable the desktop app. Simple.

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the desktop app sucks consider adding a “do not show again option”

Actually, I might just move the dialog to being a notification toast instead, that might work a bit better.


Is there a FFlag for the new game tiles?

Those are likely handled by Roblox’s IXP A/B testing system.


It is not an exploit. I believe it just handles fast flags and also changing roblox files weakly (replacing core images, models, etc). It won’t be able to run code ingame as that would be an exploit.