BloxTeams: powering secure commissions

We never mentioned items, we can’t access a user’s assets because as mentioned in the main post we don’t ask for their security cookie. Regarding trust in giving us their funds, it’s the usual argument, every service was trusted by someone at the beginning, also not that this is a strong point to you but we (the team) don’t want to ruin our reputation as developers by stealing a user’s funds, ofcoruse you might not believe the last statement but that’s the reality…

And again, TradeShield doesn’t allow payments with robux, the design of our project is basically the same of fiverr and other platforms that do this (or almost the same) but it allows robux payments instead.

Oh neat this seems cool, I’ll use this when it’s out!

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Our hope is that we can use the Robux fee so that after we can DevEx out the Robux so we can then use that to run our servers. It’s not that expensive to run a hosting of a website so it should be fine. Also like what @theworldis_socruel we have not yet completely decided on this yet.

We want to attempt to make it so that people don’t have to pay real currency so that people who wish to use Robux only can use it.


Then you get scammed because either the middle man takes the payment or the middleman does not get the payment sent to them. Also unless I am incorrect and please ensure to correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen any middleman people who will do it with Robux.

Our hope is to automate it all to ensure safe and easy transactions between players.

10% to be quite honest is not much at all and also we have not yet 100% decided if we will include a cut. 10% of 1K is only 100 Robux which to be quite honest unless you are greedy is not at all a large cut.

No, it’s not. We want a service that doesn’t need users to believe in other people except for us that provide it. We want to hopefully use the OAuth2.0 token to make group payouts on the owner’s behalf to pay the developer, after that we let the commissioner download the assets uploaded by the developer.

Always better than roblox’s 30% cut on payments done through gamepasses etc I would say

Interesting though the name goes against branding guidelines. Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines

No it does not. We did have this discussion due to the recent change however after our review we can still use the term “Blox” due to it not being an experience on the Roblox platform. (also we have not included the name Roblox and I am not a lawyer but I believe Roblox has no rights to restrict the use of the word “Blox”; they of course do for experiences on the platform due to Roblox owning the platform). No where unless I missed it says that you cannot use Blox outside of Roblox. We also started our website before June 22, 2022 so even if we cannot use it we would be covered on that end if I am not mistaken.

We also do have a disclaimer inside of the about page for the website that we are not at all in affiliation with Roblox corporation so people know we don’t work for or with Roblox.

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We are not advertising, just showing off something that relates to roblox development. Showing off something and affiliation are two completely different things

Why would we be bypassing? “Blox” is not a registered trademark so we can use it

Like what @NinjaFurfante07 stated we are not at all advertising and blox is not bypassing due to Roblox not owning the rights to blox. We are not advertising just asking for feedback and also when we get the website out we could use #resources:community-resources because the legit reason of community resources is to give resources to the community.

To be quite honest I think your reply could be classed as spam because it does not at all give any feedback and not really needed.

Please can I remind everyone to only post content which is feedback related to our BloxTeam website. Many people keep posting things which would be classified under the rule of a spam reply due to it really not helping anyone and just spamming up this post.

Doesn’t the new Terms and Conditions restrict a platform from being named after Roblox like ‘Blox’? Will this affect your website?

Please read our replies above as this has been already addressed two times.

Sorry! I saw the post after I replied. Hope this website becomes successful :smiley:

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It will not due to it only being for experiences. Please can you just ensure to check next time, thanks.:slight_smile:

I’m simply asking if “blox” is bypassing and according to you it’s classified as spam. Asking questions is not falling under the spam category and that is how people are getting feedback from the community.

Now, back to providing some more feedback I hope you find useful. :wink:

So based on the images you provided of your system, you could improve the UI design in a few ways. As a UI designer myself I can provide some tips you can use to improve this new commissions site;

  • Try to change the font — I would highly recommend using the “Gotham” font family as it’s pretty modern and it tends to go well with modernized-UI.

  • Darken the UI slightly — Based on the images of the general BloxTeams UI, it doesn’t seem to “fit-in” considering the fact that the background UI seems too light and input boxes are almost black in color, try darkening the background grey a bit.

That’s all I can offer at the moment, might have more feedback later on.

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Sorry if your reply was at all though as spam. We have just had many people ask some things such as does the word “blox” break the brand guidelines even though we have explained it many times so I hope you can see how we may have though you where another comment like that (again sorry for the mix up).

Thanks for your feedback. We will ensure to take a look into the Gotham font family and the darkness of the UI. I personally think the font which we are currently looks neat and modern however we will ensure to take a look into it.

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Honestly, this is just a better talent hub. Change the fonts to GothamSemiBold / Medium and Gotham.

I couldn’t help but notice, the warning of “commissioner has not set a payment source”, the “Warning” text above it is uncentered. Alongside, looks just too dark when you compare it to fiverr


I did not even notice that. Thanks.

What I find funny is how a development team of 3 can make a better and bug free website then the Talent Hub. Like come on Roblox up your efforts. (you’re welcome to join our Discord server for updates if you like the website idea)

The main difference really from BloxTeams vs Talent Hub is that our website is mainly based to attempt to allow commissions to be more secure and more scam free.
An idea I had is to include some type of forum area where people can hire each other (a bit like the Talent Hub but it will be integrated within the website to allow easy transaction) however we will very likely add this as a feature if people want it after release.

I personally think it looks too light. I am sure we can take a look into this however. :slight_smile:

I like what @Brylan_Leske said about a cut on transferred fees thru the site. Regardless what value this ‘placeholder fee’ your guys’ method of payment thru transactions (‘commissions’ is more 1-1 mutual agreement of payment and not really based off a team which is what this service can be used for), the general method of this fee is SCAMMY.

Roblox already takes 20% revenue from Robux purchases (AND DevEx) so you guys getting Robux for your own DevEx transactions #1 means you guys are gaining no positive profit and #2 that placeholder or unknown amount of robux someone on your site is being forced a tip going to a not even garunteed DevEx transaction in the future for you guys. (Elaborating on this point, if you guys are getting small little transactions of robux regardless of amount it’s gonna take an incredible amount of time to actually earn a worthwhile amount of robux and spread it evenly between the 3 of you.)

However I think organization and security is a great idea here and it’s all a real thing about scamming and stuff- but that really depends more on the person than roblox itself. Cause in the end I don’t think I’ve seen anything that you’ve shown directly to help scamming/malicious activity. What makes fiverr or other methods not as great as this one anyways?

One suggestion tho is that you guys could implement a subscription service, so that you could have an actual guaranteed method of money (and more reliable too if its not based on robux) and lock your guys’ ‘specialty features’ or unique helping factors to those using this site thru this subscription. Aside from this just reading all the comments- where you guys are heading is pretty scammy and wont be very successful in the long run.

We did not discuss this thoroughly yet, so take this idea as a placeholder. Thanks for the suggestions further on that area.

Our plans are to expand behind just commissioning, this way a person could organise a complete team with payments and such within bloxteams. Safe payments, project management, and team management in one.