Bloxy Bingo - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bloxy Bingo - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note: The full in-depth manual can be found here.



I don’t have any cards.

As long as you are in a server and playing, you will have cards. It will be that the cards are in a minimised state.

Press the B Button in the top right hand corner to open them.

Extra info: The colour of the icon has meaning. Green - Playing, Orange - Joined Late (can’t bingo), Grey - Interval. If the button is of a darker shade it means the cards are minimised.

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How do I get more cards?

Settings! You can play with up to 6 cards, but please note changes won’t take effect until the next game has started.

If you have a small display, you may need to press the expanded menu icon to access the settings page.

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I have a Bingo, Why won’t it let me Bingo?

There are a few possible reasons for this.

  1. You didn’t join the game from the start (the B button in the top right hand corner will be orange, and you won’t see the Bingo button).

  2. Bingo was called late. The rules of the game mean that the last number called must form part of the pattern you call Bingo on.

  3. Is your internet connection fast? The Bingo request needs to reach the Roblox server to register, before the next number is called. If this doesn’t happen in time your Bingo won’t be counted. It is worth checking your ping on speed test websites for this. This can particularly be an issue on Wi-Fi or Mobile (3G/4G/5G) connections.

  4. Sometimes people are unaware that Bingo can only be called once for each stage in the game (Line/Row, Pattern/2 Rows/2 Columns/Cluster, Full House/Blackout).

If the stage is highlighted in purple, it means it has already been called. The pattern below will show which patterns are currently valid to be called.

  1. “Uncalled is Markable” setting is on. The “To Go” indicator is based off what you have marked and the next expected win state, not the actual status. Some people think they can mark everything on the card as a trick to not need to press anything, however this doesn’t work.

If you are 100% sure that none of these cases apply, then please:

  1. Take a screenshot of your cards.
  2. Take a screenshot of the main board.
  3. Take a screenshot of dev console (press F9 and scroll to bottom).
  4. Send the screenshots in the bug report channel of our social links.

All but once, this problem has been found to be caused by a misunderstanding in how the game works, but if it isn’t a user misunderstanding we of course want to hear about it and fix it as soon as we can!

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Is the game rigged?

In public servers, No.

The probability of winning a game is very low. A full server has 80 players in it. That’s only a 1 in 80 chance of winning (not taking into account rounds where multiple people win).

The fun is in the thrill of the chance of winning. Some people may see this as pointless, but some find it fun.

If you are in a private server and manual calls are enabled, it is possible.

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Why do I have to wait for the next round to Bingo?

If you could Bingo when joining any part during the game, it would create a loophole so that people could continually attempt to rejoin until they get a set of cards which have had a decent number of numbers marked off, increasing their chance of winning. This is a kind of unfair tactic we don’t want, so you must be there from the start of the game to be able to Bingo!

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Why can’t I win?

Bingo is a game of chance. You will be playing with up to 80 others. This means at worst you have a 1/80 chance of winning each game, (or 3/80 if you consider the sub stages - but this may not be accurate as people who win the earlier substages are slightly more likely to win the later ones).

If you can work your way up to plying with the maximum number of cards, you will have a higher chance of winning, but this can take time to learn and be overwhelming at the start. If you go straight to 6 you are likely to miss numbers which leads to a lower chance of winning.

I had someone tell me they played for 3 hours without winning then won 3 games in a row, but it really is just chance.

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I Can’t Move! (on mobile/tablet)

There use to be an issue where you couldn’t mark your cards as the mobile controls got in the way. To stop this from being an issue we hide mobile controls while your cards are open. To regain mobile controls just press the card toggle button to minimise your cards, and you’ll be able to move. Tap the button again when you want to play with your cards again.

(Note: The button will change colour depending on the game status, green = playing game, orange = observing game (joined late), grey = break between rounds)

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How do I enter a promocode?

  1. Open the inventory page.
  2. Navigate to the inventory home page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and enter the promocode.

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My custom table won’t show.

Make sure you have claimed a table, to do this sit at an empty table, open Table Controls from the top bar, and click the claim button.


If you have a small screen, table controls may be under the expanded menu.

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How to I customise a table?

  1. Press the shop button.
  2. Press the tables button.
  3. Click on a table to purchase.
  4. Purchase the table, say yes to the purchasing pop-up dialouges.

  1. Press the inventory button.
  2. Press the tables button.
  3. Click on the table.
  4. Press select.

  1. Press customise

  1. Click to expand options, and make customisations.
  2. Press save to apply customisations.

Note: for your table to be used, you must claim the table. See: My custom table won’t show.

If you don’t see the shop or inventory buttons, they may be under the expanded menu.

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Private Servers

Can a Private Server Admin please start my game?

If you own a private server, you are an admin of that server.

To open the control panel, press the “Server Controls” button.

If you have a device with a narrow screen, it may be under the expanded menu.

From here you can start a game.


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Why do I not get gems when playing in a Private Server?

There need to be at least 8 players in a Private Server to get gems as per normal servers.

You will still however get 5*noOfPlayer gems for the final round.

The purpose of Private Servers, is to allow for a selective exclusive Bingo experience either with your friends or a group. We believe the fun in the game is playing it rather than for the virtual currency for winning games.

Some people purchase Private Servers with the sole intent to farm the gems virtual currency, and this is not ok. We rely on selling gems as a monetization point for the game.

If gems were awarded in private servers as per normal servers, there’d be a massive loophole in allowing people to get unlimited gems at a vastly cheaper price.

We don’t try and hide this, it is stated in the games description and in the manual.

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My game pass won’t work?

Game passes must be enabled in settings to be activated.

  1. Open settings via the top bar. This may be on the expanded menu if you have a small screen.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the relevant game pass to relevant.

If you have custom settings for each game mode enabled (from the “Settings For…” at the top the the settings page) you will need to enable game passes for each game mode custom settings have been applied for separately.

Please note that for Marking Assist, the transparency setting should be 100% to be opaque and 0% to be invisible.

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Why is everything so expensive?

When the game was made, the core principle was that it should be fair and entertaining without having to pay. This limits what we are able to sell within the game.

Most things a large number of people would be willing to buy, would be items to give them a higher chance of winning, such as more cards or calling the numbers. This would be unfair as would allow people to have higher chance of winning because they have paid. Not only is this unfair but this would be against the rules of Roblox as could be considered gambling (paying for a chance to win).

This means that the items we do sell, less people will want to purchase. We believe given the effort put into development and the otherwise fair balance to gameplay this price point is justified. It is the expectation that only a small minority of players will buy them.

Please bear in mind that upon launch, for the first 3 months, the game did exceedingly well, however for the hours put into making the game, the revenue only came to £2.70 an hour.

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I have ADHD, can I have auto marker/marking assist for free?

No, in order to validate that you have ADHD we would need to ask for proof, such as a diagnosis letter. This would be personal information and the Roblox rules forbid asking for personal information.

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