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We set out almost six decades ago to be a company that would save people time and money and help them live better. We had no way of knowing in those early days what an enormous opportunity we would have to use the scale of our business to make a difference. As the world around us continues to change—at a faster rate today than when we started out—we reaffirm our commitment to not just adapt and grow, but to lead.

We remind ourselves each day that our work isn’t just about what we achieve but how we achieve it. The way we conduct our business is as important as the products we sell and the services we provide. That means complying with the laws of the communities where we do business. But that is not enough. Associates who work at Bloxy Cafe are expected to operate based on our values. Our expectation is you will put fairness, equity, justice, and integrity at the heart of everything you do. By working this way, each one of us will play an active part in shaping our culture, building trust, and making it possible for us to reach our purpose and potential as a company.

Our Code of Conduct reflects what’s important to us. It applies to all of us—to me, to our Board members and officers, and to every Bloxy Cafe associate. We also expect our business partners to embrace our values and meet these high standards. Associates and partners who do not share these values do not belong at Bloxy Cafe.

Please read our Code. Refer to it often. Let it guide you to make honest, fair decisions and comply with the laws and policies that apply to our conduct. At its heart is a simple guideline: do the right thing and speak up whenever you have a concern or see something wrong.

Thank you for doing your part.



Bloxy Cafe Inc.

Our Values and Our Code!

The trust of our customers, communities, associates, and business partners is our competitive advantage. It’s important to think about our behaviors and make sure that we are creating a culture that inspires trust. Clyde Void founded a values-driven company that today is grounded in four core values: respect, service, excellence, and integrity. These values are timeless. When our behaviors are aligned to those four values, we’ll build trust, create the right environment for our teams, and generate success.

  • Respect for the Individual

  • Service to the Customer

  • Strive for Excellence

  • Act with Integrity

Acting consistently with our purpose and our values demands that a culture of integrity guides all our decisions. We are dedicated to doing business the right way. Our Code reflects who we are as a company and shows how we bring our culture of integrity to life in our work every day. Integrity builds trust. That’s why our associates, customers, investors, suppliers, and business partners choose Bloxy Cafe know we

are a business they can trust.

Bloxy Cafe provides a variety of resources for you to raise a question or concern.
All reports to Ethics & Compliance are treated as confidentially as possible, and if you choose, you may report your concern anonymously to the extent allowed by law.

To report a concern please join our community server.

Contact Ethics if you have a question or concern regarding the Code of Conduct.