Bloxy Kart: Build Mode - Tech Demo

this is E P I C. Just 2 things make the delete thing more better (ui) and possibly add free cam and Team Create


Free cam is a great idea, however Camera is really buggy for me and never works. Is there maybe a tutorial or DevForum post explaining how to add free cam?

Team create is also a great idea. I just need to figure out PrivateServerID’s, and figure out how to add those to DataStores. Never done something like that, but I think I may be able to pull it off soon.

Yeah, I am planning on making better UI soon. The UI used to look sooo good until the DevForum community said that it is bad because it is inspired by macOS.


The feature is cool, but I’m sure you planned on remaking the UIs soon.

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Dude, what a great idea! It looks great and functional as well! Good job!

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No not the icon the proximity prompt. About the free cam when you playtest in studio try pressing shift + p and Free Cam will start. That script is found in Player Instance.most games delete it but its a great way to learn about camera. But its kinda too hard so adding support for free cam on mobile would be more than enough (you could copy tht script and change input state to your desire)

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All you need is better UI and custom built assets instead of free models. It would also be nice if you allowed users to create scripts.

Are these going to be available just for the player and maybe a couple of friends, or for the public? As if they could make anything and release it to the public, I am sure it would need some sort of moderation to make sure it’s not like a bunch of male private parts spammed over the entire map.

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yea, i agree it should go through some form of moderation, or maybe have a report system.


Thanks for telling me how I can fork freecam.

These were imported from the first version of build mode. Using assets from the maps is currently planned.

Planning on adding some sort of discovery inside of the lobby.

Yeah I agree with this. There is currently no set release date for v4.0, and it might take another 2 years if needed, but I will totally figure out how to moderate everything.

The problem with this is that I do not want to hire moderators at the moment. I may have to, but we will see.

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone. I am looking forward to expanding Build Mode even further.

THIS. IS. AMAZING!!! This is one of the best build modes I’ve seen ever and I can’t wait to try it out! I know I’m supposed to have tested it before, but I forgot. Sorry.

This part made me laugh. That’s legal, right?

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Yeah dont worry lol. Apple can’t copyright a color…


I had to release an emergency build to comply with Text Filtering.

Temporarily, you will be seeing a message saying the plot already exists.

In the next build, this will change.

You will also no longer be able to create plots with the character “#” in the name.

Also, I added the ability to unload plots as suggested by @greenflash2525. That was in the next build anyway.

How much can I buy your game for?

Sorry, not for sale…

Well, if you ever do think about it just message me.

Hey, the next build is delayed, due to F3X breaking in Bloxy Kart. I will now be making my own system, and it will definitely be worth the wait!

Actually some colors are COPYrighted! It’s interesting because all colors come from the same 3 colors.

Wait, can you explain this? I thought you cannot copyright a color lol.

You should have a warning for deleting the map lol

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Also holding and drag to place downn multiple things should be a thing

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