Blur Material For Parts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard/impossible to make certain areas on the screen appear “blurry.” I used to use neon to somewhat achieve this effect with parts, but with new lighting updates it’s much less viable. Glass is another material you can kind of use to make this effect but meh.

This effect or material would make the screen appear “blurry” at a certain position, similar to neon but without a glow. It could look like this:

I was originally thinking of this as a new material, but it might be more viable as a separate effect in lighting. Maybe the use cases I have would change that:

Use Cases

  • Making parts of the screen appear blurry (duh).

  • Blur for the backgrounds of shops, editors, etc. that show actual 3D parts in a 3D space.

  • Making certain parts of the map appear blurry, such as the bottom of my new floating island map (Currently using neon to achieve this effect, looks better in FIB lighting):

    Ignore my terrible photoshopping skills xd

  • Heat effect for fire (Imagine how cool this would look!)

  • Invisible “ghost” effect for games like The Stalker (A classic!) or other horror games.

  • Cool way to show certain parts of the map are off limits, like maybe blur out a certain point until a player completes a task.

I’m sure everyone would list many more cool use cases! Just sitting here thinking of all that’s possible, the use cases I already mentioned would be amazing. I hope this goes into consideration!

Shout out to @TheRings0fSaturn for coming up with this.


I remember awhile back, they had a demo for a depth of field. Personally, I think that would be absolutely amazing for games as it adds a huge power to convey scale or focus. I think this can fall into the same vain but maybe even to a higher degree!
That would be amazing to see. Seeing as a force field affect is soon approaching and already existing glass affect is in the game, its totally possible!


It makes me think of those blurry glass types.


Another good use for it!

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10/10 support

Duplicate of: Incorporate Translucency

Edit: nevermind, different topics

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Sorry. I did search for duplicates but I didn’t use a search term anywhere near that.


Why can’t you just blur your skybox then re-upload it?

Huh? When did anyone say something about a skybox, I’m lost.

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The second image looks like it can be achieved by simply blurring the skybox texture like he did in the reference image? The effect may be a little different.

What happened to depth of field anyway? It’s been like over 3 years…

@Younite that’s for GUI’s, this is for a physical part in the world.

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That’s just a poorly photoshopped image. It was supposed to look like a semi-transparent neon part.

As you can tell in the other examples, blurring the skybox is not what I’m trying to achieve. It’s a material that “blurs” certain parts, like in the first image. :slight_smile: