Incorporate Translucency

The title says it all. I would love if ROBLOX could incorporate translucency into GUIs, decals, etc.

You can see on the battlefield 1 menu, on the sidebar where you select your weapons, it has a translucent effect. It would be amazing to see that arrive on ROBLOX, and would make games feel more developed.

I was messing around with translucency with HTML, and it looks quite amazing.

Here is another example.

Is it possible to do? I’m not familiar with .lua, so I don’t know exactly what ROBLOX can do.

(I thought about this when I was playing Polyguns @x_o if your leaderboard was translucent it would look even better imo!)


(It might actually be in ROBLOX, but I haven’t seen it. Sorry for the post, if it actually is included. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I feel like this could be accomplished if we could change the size of and move Blur effects on screen (I’m not sure what kind of effect this would have on performance but Blur is disabled below graphics level 7). I was actually thinking about this the other day, too.


Yeah. The way around it is blur, but that’s only compatible with good graphics settings. Since this works on HTML, I’m pretty sure it would work fine on lua.

I think more importantly is that Blur is currently a lighting effect for some reason. It would be best made as a ScreenGui effect. This would most likely allow us to move and resize the blur.


Yes a ScreenGui effect would be awesome, but then that would be limiting it to only a screengui.

You can do this now by putting a transparent neon part up to the camera where a gui would go.


Yes but your graphics settings has to be high, and it’s sorta a hacky way around it. It would be cool just to have a standalone feature.


Yeah but that doesn’t mean a new feature which uses similar effects won’t have the same restrictions.

PS: this goes in Client Features, not Studio Features.

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It still doesn’t look as good as the BF1 style though, and that gives off a glow.

Expanding on from this, it could be achievable if we could bind some sort of layering system up with the lighting effects we currently have. This could be by parenting them to a GUI frame, and having everything behind that render with the according lighting effects. It could be by attaching some sort of texture map, the colour/transparency of each pixel representing how mixed in the effect is, like how in other professional game engines having the ability to apply normal/bump maps to materials, each pixel representing the height at that specific point on the surface in the final render.

Sorry, will change.

But how come websites can have that effect on any device?

Because websites don’t also have to render a game at 60fps, calculate physics per step and send/receive network updates.

Not saying this isn’t feasible - but you can’t assume that just because something is doable in an insolated environment that it will fit into an existing giant system.

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I don’t know how it’s implemented exactly there but I’m guessing they do a lot of precomputing of the blurred backgrounds. Also on websites the background doesn’t change that often so it’s less expensive to compute compared to a 60fps game

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I see what you mean.

Didn’t mean to sound harsh, sorry if it came across that way :worried:

It would be cool to add under “BackgroundTransparency” “Translucency” It would be no different than “Blur” and most likely faster since you will prob. only be blurring buttons or small frames.


i support this 100%