Boba Bakery Alliance Information

:necktie: Alliance Information

Welcome! You’ll find information here regarding how you can become allied with Boba Bakery!

:question: How to partner with us

Firstly, we appreciate your interest in wanting to form an alliance with Boba Bakery. We are always excited to form new alliances.We have an Alliance application that groups can fill in to potentially become an ally with us. It’s linked below:

Alliance Form

Once you send an application, the Public Relations Department will fully evaluate your application as well as your group to ensure you meet all our requirements and expectations. Your group will later be contacted to let you know if you’ve passed or failed.

:exclamation: Partner Requirements:

➔ Group must have at least 5000 members.

➔ Group must have professional staff.

➔ Discord must have at least 300 members.

➔ Group must be willing to shout and attend our events.

➔ Group members must not break Roblox or Discord ToS

➔ Group must have a clean history, or show improvements from any disruptive history.

Finally, from the whole of Boba Bakery, we wish you the very best of luck when sending off your application. Hopefully, we may become a strong alliance with your group in the near future.*