McRonald's Fastfood Public Handbook

McRonald’s Fastfood Public Handbook


Welcome to theMcRonald’s Fastfood Handbook! :cup_with_straw:

This handbook was creatively crafted to help members ofMcRonald’s Fastfood learn about our group, what we do and information about Kisto Bakery. This handbook is split up into sections.


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Training Section: Training Information

Rules Section: Official Rules

Alliance Section: Alliance Information

About us

McRonald’s Fastfood is a Roleplay Bakery Cafe game which focuses on Robloxians love for roleplay. We incorporate all kinds of food and drinks and desire to turn it into a Fastfood experience where you can work as a staff member, order as a customer or even rise through the ranks and become the president!

Rank Roles

Ownership Team (OT)

The Ownership Team consists of the members within the Presidential Assistant- President ranks. These people are the group managers. They run departments, manage staff, ensure all is working appropriately, and run the group.

Senior High Ranks (SHR)

Senior High Ranks consists of the members within the Corporate Assistant- Corporate Director ranks. These members direct/deputy direct departments, manage staff, deal with in-game issues, and overseer sessions.

Senior Rank (SR)

Senior Rank consists of the members within the Corporate Intern rank. These members direct/deputy direct departments, manage staff, deal with in-game issues.

High Ranks (HR)

High Ranks consists of the members within the Assistant Manager -Corporate Intern ranks. These members are eligible to apply for a department, deal with in-game issues, and host/co-host sessions.

Middle Ranks (MR)

Middle Ranks consists of the members within the Staff Assistant- Supervisor ranks. These members ensure there are no issues in-game,supervise baristas and help during training sessions.

Low Ranks (LR)

Low Ranks consists of the members within the Trainee - Kitchen Leader Member ranks. These members are the front lines at the restaurant and attend sessions to be promoted.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Department handles all alliances and alliance events. The Communications Department would have Senior High Rank(s) in them who will be the Department Leaders and they will pick when to open and close the departmental applications.


The Moderation Department is the front line when it comes to tackling issues within the server. The members of the Moderation Department are trained to handle any and all situations within the server. If there are are any issues, these members will be one of the first to get the issue resolved.


Here at McRonald’s Fastfood we have our own support system in the Discord server and members can also post questions on the group wall. To open a ticket in our server, located to the #help-here-. channel and follow the instructions provided. Support via Discord is the most efficient way to get support. Alternatively, you can post your questions on our ROBLOX group wall and our Support Team will be happy to assist you.

:thinking: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How to apply at McRonald’s Fastfood?

A: Make sure to be in the group Boba Bakery , then join our Application Center.

Q: How do I rank up from Trainee?

A: Attend a training session or earn points by working hard!

Q: How can I get an MR/HR rank?

A: You can visit our rank center or alternatively, you can work your way up the ranks!

Q: There is a troller/exploiter/spammer in my server, what do I do?

A: Contact an MR+ in-game, if there are no management members playing, post a message on the group wall or use our emergency service in our communications server.

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