Boba Bakery Official Rules

Boba Official Rules

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Here at Boba Bakery, we have rules to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and that our environment is safe and secure.

  • Be kind to others - Respect everyone in the restaurant as well in the communication server.

  • Spamming is prohibited - Spamming in the game or communication server is strictly not allowed; it will lead to an automatic ban without chance to appeal.

  • Abide by Roblox ToS - Roblox’s Terms of Service should and will be followed.

  • Online Dating is prohibited - This is against the rules of Roblox ToS rule and makes for a strange and unfun atmosphere for everyone.

  • No Advertising - Do not advertise anything, is not allowed at any time.It include in dm’s.

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing - Please wear clothing that can be worn in public, and you may not dress with no shirt or no pants, or both.

  • Vulgar Language is strictly forbidden - Also know as bypassing, this will result in an instant ban.

  • Trolling is prohibited - Trolling is a massive problem on Roblox, it distracts gameplay, this will result in a warning, and if continued depending on the serverity, it will result in minor to major consequences.