BodyColors Instance Shouldn't Use BrickColor

Since Color3 has just been rolled out for parts, it would make sense that anything that used BrickColor before would transition over to Color3 and BrickColor would become deprecated. The BodyColors object still uses BrickColor though. I feel like it would make more sense if BodyColors used Color3 as it feels a little backwards having to use BrickColor for only BodyColor objects. This would be a nice quality of life update as making a game with custom characters would be much more simplified.


Support, I wouldn’t go as far as deprecating BrickColor but it makes sense to support Color3 where possible.


I support too, but in all honesty why does BodyColors still exist?!?! Can’t you just change the BrickColors of players directly?

Or is it for security reasons in that clients operate on it not the server and so that network owners can only do physics stuff such as position + rotation (cframe)?

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It exists just for ease of use really :stuck_out_tongue:
though this thread has a point - I think it should be the same property as BaseParts

Ease of use? How can this be easier?

It’s not like it matters anyways… the user isn’t recoloring, the scripts are.

I should’ve said was* :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that it was probably used for loading player avatar information. It doesn’t have much, if any, use outside of that since scripts can easily be used to make a system much more flexible to do the same thing. It’s easier to use for loading avatar information because it builds on existing systems and requires instancing one object rather than implementing a whole new system into the engine. That’s my take on it anyways.

Maybe, what I am really leaning towards is that since you can’t change the BrickColor of parts you are network owner for in filtering enabled, they made this so that clients can load their own avatar, without needing the server.

Although that contradicts the fact that accessories need to be loaded in by the server…

As well as the fact that LoadCharacter can only be called by the server.


The BodyColors object does’t actually need to be used to change the color of your characters body parts, you can just change the Color property for Parts in the character directly. An example of this is the Robloxian High School avatar editor which has support for Color3.

We can add Color3 versions of the BodyColor properties for ease of use though.

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Out of curiosity, why do we even still use BodyColors? With R6 I could see there being some internal use due to the way appearance loading worked, but with R15 the appearance is loaded before spawning. Is there a reason the limb colors aren’t just set directly instead of using BodyColors?

I prefer only having to write 6 lines of code instead of 15 with R15 BodyColors.

I would like to see Color3 editor for characters in the avatar body colour selection. I think it would be a great thing as people could choose the colour of their character much easier. It would also allow of a lot more different character looks as you would have a range of 16,581,375 different colours.

I like BrickColors, they keep things simple for making things quickly. Color3 is great too, but I think that it’s good to hold onto BrickColors because of their simplicity.

It would make sense to maybe keep the color picker for BrickColor because you’re right – it is simpler – but not the BrickColor property itself.