BodyForce Car Help

How would I script a BodyForce car?
I want something like Jailbreak cars, but just dont know how to make them.
I know that they use BodyMovers and RayCasting but I dont know how it would be set up.

Any help or tips?


Do you need help with the suspension or anything like that? Or just the driving mechanics?

If you need help with the suspension, then I can help you get started (I am still learning how to make my chassis drive so I can’t help you with that too much).

Take a look at the jeeps in the racing template. Those are similar to the jailbreak chassis. Don’t use the driving scripts from the jeep (It uses velocity to drive, and I won’t recommend this).

You can also watch this video to learn how they work:

I know the video above is not roblox studio / scripts, but you can learn to understand them :).

Incase you don’t want to use the roblox jeeps as an example, you can use a chassis made by me, and @nooneisback :D! It is kind-of a copy-paste of the roblox jeep, but sometimes I have a problem I can’t solve, so I use some code from the jeep. So soon I might make it my own custom code :P.

Here they are:

I am planning on improving them more soon. (It is a WIP Project)