Bombalooza - Developer Log

Introduction / Info

Are you interested in Brickbattling games? Do you like breaking structures in ROBLOX? Well, I’m currently making a Brickbattle Inspired game called Bombalooza, which is a game about being a demolitionist.

There will be many different game modes in the game that players can play to earn the in-game currency Tix. Tix can be used to buy items from the Kool Shop, including Swords, Bombs, Rockets, Slingshots, Superballs, Paintball Guns, and Trowels. Tix can also be converted into another currency called Bux, which can be used to buy other things such as Boost/Server Boost which can give the player/server more earnings if they’ve won or lost a round.



There will be two game modes on the games release, being demolition, which is the main game mode of the game, and deathmatch. In Demolition, players will either play with a team against other teams or play alone to strive to destroy the most bricks on the map. You can use your weapons to your advantage to kill other players to stop them from destroying bricks and using your bombs and rockets to destroy buildings and other structures on different maps. In Deathmatch, players will fight against each other on teams or by themselves on different maps, and whoever gets the most kills and breaks the kill limit wins. The kill limit is a bar that shows everyone how many kills each team has, and so whichever team breaks the threshold for kills, they will win the game.

There will also be quest in the game that the player can complete, these quest being based off of killing players / killing players with specific tools and breaking a specific amount of parts. There will also be a leveling system that may give you some exclusive rewards for reaching the level milestone.



There are 7 classes of weapons that you can use in the game, being the Sword, Bombs, Rockets, Slingshots, Superballs, Paintball Guns, and Trowels. All of these weapons can either be used for Destruction, Offense, Defense, and Support.




Quest+ - Gives you more quest slots to do including hourly quests. (150 Robux)

3x Votes - Gives you a voting priority on maps over other players. (MVP’s Automatically get a 2x vote for maps.) (100 Robux)

Developer Products

Tix Boost - When bought, gives you 1.5x more Tix for 30 minutes (50 Robux) (Can be bought for 50 Bux)

Tix Rain - When brought, rains down Tix and Tix bags in the map that reward players with a bunch of Tix. (75 Robux) (Can be brought for 75 Bux)

Bux Rain - When brought, rains down Bux and Bux bags in the map that reward players with a bunch of Bux (150 Robux) (Can be brought for 5,000 Tix)

Server Currency Boost - When brought, gives the entire server a 1.75x multiplier of any rewards and earnings from games, making players gain more Bux and Tix for 1 hour. (300 Robux) (Can be brought for 225 Bux)

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Here is the link to the game, all of the weapons and assets needed for the game haven’t been added yet, but you can go through a quick playtest on what’s in the game right now. The bombs have no cooldown, so its just a testing ground for right now!

Game: Bombalooza - Roblox

Developer Log

Bombalooza Playtest 1

Bombalooza Playtest 2


Today, I’ve created some new shop GUI that will be used when the players have to vote for a map.


Wow, look at that old screenshot, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post about the game.

I’ve currently been working on the bombs in the game and there are two more that need to be completed. I’ll probably upload a video showcasing the bombs and their respective stats.

Here’s what we have right now >:)

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Ay yo watch yo jett, WATCH YO JE-

I made an airstrike thingymabob

Just decided to post this because I haven’t finished all of the bombs yet, but most of them are done atm.

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So far I’m having a pretty great time. Just desecrating buildings and launching myself 500 studs up into the air, y’know, the usual.

EDIT #1: This is the best game that has ever graced my eyes and my destructive notions, peak gameplay.

Ever since you’ve said that, the game has blown up and has been the most popular Roblox game, taking over the likes of adopt me and blox fruits combined, averaging over 500 million players daily. I have become a billionaire, decked out, got the bling blings, and I have overthrown the Somalian government. We are planning to release a sequel in January of next year, and were hoping to get half of the population playing BOMBALOOZA on

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I’ll probably open a testing area because I just realized that you guys can see the unfinished stuff and what-not after I saw “a certain mysterious red and blue ball”, it’ll have items that are finished and will probably have some random ass structure that can be respawned.

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This is such an honor, now you can quote me in some cheap website with a questionable background talking about how awesome your game is! :heart_eyes:

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I can definently see potential in this game but I think a few iterations can be made, I like the aesthetics of this game but I think maybe this Idea could be changed a bit and I think some of the weapons should
be changed have a more creative design and Ig just another tip for feedback is just watching people who discoverd your game and see how they play your game and watch for when they get stuck or bored and why.

It would be pretty helpful if you go into more depth with this, because I’m requesting for feedback and I’m looking for what to currently improve whats in the game.

It’s such a shame how I tried to make a same post but no one commented on that :smiling_face_with_tear:

But all things aside, You’re game looks amazing!

I’d love to see what you’ve made , btw I can’t get over how good that thumbnail is and I’d love to learn more about your game .

Also, I noticed you didn’t actually post it in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback, but #help-and-feedback:game-design-support and I think that more people come over to this category than that. Your game looks pretty high quality, and I think it has potential.


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Bombalooza Playtest 2 is out!

The First Map’s Prolonged Introduction

You may have already noticed the map, but to stop this prolonged introduction, This Is the revamped version of Roblox HQ!

Location Names

Roblox HQ

now suited with obstructed warning lights

Unfinished Hospital

Patients Beware!

Palm Shore


the worst-rated beach in Robloxia, some even say the palm trees are made out of plastic!

Snowy Peak

the perfect place to get hypothermia

And Lastly, Castle Island

probably more abandoned than the hospital

now time to work on Glass Houses

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Having untextured classic maps in 2023 doesn’t make much sense as it’s a standard. Personally wouldn’t play it but I see you have put lots of work into it, good luck as always.

I’m a bit confused on what you mean by this

What I’m saying is that most revisions of classic maps are usually textured, and I feel like if you’re game is about destruction it would give it a more real effect

Fr? That’s a bit surprising to me because most of the games that I’ve played that have emulated the classic building style don’t add textures or anything such as Untitled Tag Game.

Also, my intent is to emulate it, not to revamp it by adding textures or anything though the maps are getting revamped.

ogm omg omg brickbattle splatoon this is literally the best day of my life
thank you for gracing the world with this game asdlfjksadkfhdskagakg

You’ve caught my attention for sure. It may not be a revolutionary concept, but it has me interested. I enjoy simple competitive games such as this. If you’re interested, I could offer you a helping hand in developing this game. I mainly specialize in building, but I also have a plethora of many other skills as well. I have a vast creative skill set and hope I can share it with you and your audience. I see decent potential in this project, and I can help you uncover it by expanding your new world. You can find my portfolio here for more information regarding my work experience and development journey throughout my 4+ years. You can request more examples of my work if necessary, as I haven’t updated it in a good minute. Make sure to provide me with your preferred form of communication through my DevForum messages so we can further discuss this matter privately. Thanks for reading, only wishing you the best of luck!