Bone Selection in the Animation Clip Editor

Hi Developers,

We are excited to announce that bones are now selectable in the workspace while in the Animation Clip Editor. Previously, if you wanted to use a dragger on a bone in the workspace you had to either click on the area on the rig associated with a bone or add the bone as a track in the Animation Clip Editor and click on the track.

Now you can simply click on the adornments that represent a bone to:

  • Select the respective bone in the Workspace
  • Add draggers to the joint associated with the bone
  • Have the bone show up as a track in the Animation Clip Editor

This should make the process of transforming bones in the Animation Clip Editor faster and easier.

How to Use

When you select a rig in the Animation Clip Editor that has bones, pink adornments should appear over the rig in the Workspace.

Hover on a sphere or cone adornment. The adornment should change in opacity and color when you are hovering over a selectable adornment.

Select the adornment in order for draggers to appear. Use the draggers in order to alter the transform of the respective joint and for the bone to be added as a track to the Animation Clip Editor.

We hope this speeds up the workflow of animating skinned rigs with the Animation Clip Editor. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

We’d like to thank those that made this feature a reality! @sonlytheonetime1 @HaloArbiter_101 @BloxSoMeta @wengawenga


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So great to this this finally be fully out! Will make my 30+ bone rigs finally not a living hell to animate.


why did it take so long to add this


Great update, i think this can help me alot


This is a great step forward. Though I am curious about one thing:

Are we able to animate a rig that has a combination of bones and Motor6D’s? For example, I have a bone-rigged mount that the player attaches to. This makes the full rig a combination of both bones and Motor6D joints. Can these be animated together?

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Bro fix your animation bc some people cant select the move tool without it leaving the animation tool


Would be nice if you Could toggle the visibility of the Bones in the animation Editor. Right now It is a bit hard to See if a mesh is Deforming correctly in Studio since the Bones usually covers up the Limbs


R is the default Key to switch between Rotation and Location editing in the Animation Editor. Clicking most Other UI elements outside the Animation Editor (model Tools included) will turn off the plugin.


Pressing V toggles the visibility of bones (at least by default)


Oh you’re Right, thanks For telling me this!


Awesome update really brings animation better into roblox

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This should of been released when the plugin came out.

Great that it is available now though.

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Yes, that should be possible! If you run into any issues, please message me and ill take a look.

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how will this work with leaf bones? not sure how those work with exporting from blender because it feels inconsistent

Does this mean we will be capable of animating a size property soon?


Next can we get a feature where we can bind collision meshes to bones so we can have physics on our skinned meshes?

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move tool is now completely broken on regular rigs

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can confirm move tool is completely broken, and leg IK is broken too

What do you mean by broken? Can you share the steps you took to see this? I just checked it out and couldnt reproduce on my end.