Borderline critical "Kicked by server" connection issues

Can also confirm this issue happening to several of my games as well…

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ok i think this is not normal before this happened, westover island was very good without any virus or failing scripts i think this is out of scripts.

I’ve always got this on Bakery Tycoon, after about 10-12 minutes most players are kicked with the same message.

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I tried removing my admin scripts and the same thing still happened

As of the writing of this, it happened again…This is my 6th attempt to join my own game. Some days it doesn’t occur, but once it does, it usually takes ridiculous amount of times of rejoining to be able to join the game.

30 minutes later…18th attempt

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Been getting support tickets from people claiming they lost purchases and what not in phantom forces because of connection lost issues, and verified it, so servers crashing and not saving may be the issue

I do not recieve these issues on a Mac or a Tablet which leaves me to believe, I know this sounds very farfetched but…

Is it an issue with Windows OS?

I made a brand new place with only one script that I made (no loops or anything, completely short O(1) code), and I joined and I got this.

Definitely a Roblox bug.

EDIT: This has happened 14 times in the past ten minutes, on several different games that I can guarantee have no malicious scripts in them. This is beyond infuriating.

UPDATE: Counting, I’ve gotten this message 44 times in an hour.


I don’t think it is the server crashing, because players who are already in the server remain in the server while I am getting kicked

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I use windows 8

Complained about this a long time ago, it’s been happening for ages.

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Mine personally wasn’t 10 minutes. It was seconds after the player joins

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I played your game on four devices to try and test my theory

A Laptop running Windows 7
A computer running Windows 10
An iPad
And a MacOS computer

Here are my results

  • Windows 7 Laptop: Kicked after about 30 minutes
  • Windows 10 PC: Kicked immidiently
  • iPad: Did not kick me
  • macOS: Did not kick me
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Now the issue is that it is stuck on waiting for server forever…

Device? Windows 10 again?

Win 8

My game too has had this issue about “waiting for an available server” for a few months now, which happens only if we join a newly created, empty server. Sometimes it loads fast, but usually takes up to 5 or even 10 minutes to open (it always succeeds eventually). Makes it really hard to run online tests, I have no idea what could cause this.

It happens on all devices, it’s a problem I’m surprised they haven’t fixed

It seems to stall more, the larger the game is

Also on Mobile/Tablet if you leave while trying to join a game, then try to join another game, it breaks forever

I posted about this being a problem a few months ago and for the most part I stopped getting reports shortly after, but it has now returned and I’m getting even more reports. What causes this to happen and how do I prevent it? I’m beginning to think that it’s the way I’m firing a client remote event every second.

This too has started reoccurring for my place as well, even to me myself.