Borders appearing where they shouldn't be

Yeah, there’s this border appearing in both of my images when they’re suppose to form a clean seal. I assume this is due to the works of the new AA? The image labels are both 150x150 pixels and in the same spot as well. Moving the bottom image upward does not work at all.

Is there any way to fix this or a workaround? If not and if the culprit is AA, can there be a property that allows image labels to bypass AA?

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Edit: Here’s the link to both images:

As you can see, they’re both fully white with no borders on them.

Another Edit: I just realized it’s still pending :joy: that still wouldn’t be the reason why it creates those borders though.

Engine bugs should go in Client Bugs. This doesn’t have anything to do with Studio.

Fixed, thanks. But I was hoping for a response to the issue as well. :sad:

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It’s due to the interpolation ROBLOX uses when rendering images smaller than their original dimensions.

Basically, the web service for uploading decals sets the background color for every transparent pixel to black (no matter what you do) and then when rendering them in-game, it takes it into account.

It’s been a bug for a long time; @loleris made a post about a similar issue a long time ago.

I haven’t experienced this. I’ve been able to fix some issues before by making sure that transparent pixels are some other color. I did this programmatically in Java, though. I don’t know what image editing applications allow you to edit the color of transparent pixels and not save them as black.

Paint.NET might. Look at Opacity in the bottom right and the color chosen in the top left.

You can change the color so even though it’s fully transparent it can be red:

I’m not sure if that saves properly though.

So basically I should turn off AA when making my images?

I don’t think AA has anything to do with it

I said when making my images, on Paint.NET,

Basically turn this:

into this:

That’s what I meant. I don’t think AA or no AA when making the image makes a difference. IIRC the issue was a corner pixel getting used for all of the edges or something like that.

Gotcha. So is there no way I can work around this issue?

It was hard to tell because of the screenshot, but inserting it in game I can see that the issue isn’t the one I mentioned. I thought the whole top edge of your image was messed up, but it looks like your image is getting a black outline instead (even the outside of the circle)


What size did you upload each image at? I think this only happens when you scale the image from its original size.

Right, I uploaded them both at 800x800. I’m guessing I should reupload them to a more stable 200x200 or something?

Upload them at whatever size they’re going to be in your GUIs.

Here’s the thread digpoe was talking about: Black outline appears when scaling images

The staff said the issue was fixed, so you might want to bump that thread with this post and let them know it’s not working anymore.

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Alrighty, thanks. :smiley: