Emoji Have Incorrect Alpha Blending

The newly introduced emoji have incorrect alpha blending. I expect them to have correct alpha blending.

Please note the black smudges along the edges of the 'moji:

Some 'moji even get stray filtered black smudge pixels from outside of their sprite, like Mr. white small square (this is another bug altogether, filtering shouldn’t let pixels bleed through clippings).

It’s pretty bad across the board, every emoji is worse except maybe the rabbit face and other darker greyscale ones.

We shouldn’t have to resort to hacks like coloring fully transparent pixels; I think it’s intuitive that fully transparent pixels shouldn’t affect the color of whatever they’re getting filtered with, only the transparency.

Please either fix the emoji spritesheets or fix the image rendering (the latter has apparently been done once before but was retracted because it had some problems).

This has been brought up numerous times already

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The bleeding is because of mipmapping and might not be fixable. The outlines are caused by us using postmultiplied alpha when the emoji textures do not have color in the transparent areas. I will try to fix this, though.


This had been fixed in an update couple weeks ago. Dark outlines like this can be fixed by modifying source data, which was possible in this case since this is our texture, generated by us.

Enjoy and report problem please :slight_smile:

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