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The Bounty Hunter is a job that allows citizens to accept bounty contracts and hunt down their targets.

Bounty Boards / Selecting a Target

Targets can be found at Bounty Boards. Bounty Boards allow any player to place a bounty on any other player. Once a bounty is live, Bounty Hunters can accept the contract and will be rewarded with a chunk of the bounty if they can hunt their target down within a give time period.

Bounty Hunter Abilities

Bounty Hunters have two abilities: Track Target and Stealth.

Track Target gives Bounty Hunters a highly useful visual display which displays the live location of their target for a short period of time. However, there is a substantial cooldown to this ability, so use it wisely.

Stealth lets Bounty Hunters enter a sneaky state that makes them difficult to see. Keep in mind, for the Bounty Hunter it will look like their player is slightly transparent. For other players, this is not the case. Other players will be able to see the Bounty Hunter depending on a variety of factors, such as Bounty Hunter stage, movement speed, and distance. In general, if the Bounty Hunter is still and far away, it will be very difficult for other players to see them


Bounty Hunters are awarded notoriety upon completing bounties. This is because Bounty Hunters operate in a semi-legal status. While their business is not illegal per say, it is certainly distasteful to the Crown. However, Bounty Hunters receive less notoriety than another player randomly killing someone else. Bounty Hunters also have their notoriety capped at a certain limit, and their notoriety will not exceed that limit provided they are completing their contract. Other notorious actions will increase notoriety normally.

Bounty Hunter stat values and behavior are subject to change. Please feel free to give feedback on how the current system is balanced