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This project is currently in heavy development. Expect things to break and be fixed quite frequently. Please be patient with the experience and report any bugs to the development team!

Version: Beta

Welcome to Boston Remastered!

This is a development project dedicated to bringing back the classic ‘Boston’ game, all while modernizing core mechanics and introducing new ideas/playstyles to the genre. We operate the original ‘City of Boston’ group and excitedly welcome back veterans of the game and new players to our community!

View the below links for more details on game features, mechanics, and more:

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Combat Mechanics


Royal Army

Credit List

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Bounty Hunter
Boston Remastered: Bounty Hunter

Combat Mechanics
Boston Remastered: Combat Mechanics

Credit List
Boston Remastered: Credit List

Diseases and Doctors
Boston Remastered: Diseases and Doctors

Boston Remastered: Jobs

Boston Remastered: Notoriety

Royal Army
Boston Remastered: Royal Army

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