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Jobs are one of the core features of Boston Remastered that aim to let players choose unique roleplay directions and actually complete actions that affect others and the game itself. Most jobs are designed to interact and engage with other jobs, leading to new avenues of collaboration.

Getting a Job (Job Dashboard) & Types of Jobs

To get a job, open the menu (in the bottom right) and click ‘Job Dashboard’

You will then be greeted with the following menu:

Standard Jobs (Not yet implemented)


Solo Jobs

Solo jobs are jobs that you are able to play independent of other players (in that sense that you dictate your own pace). You can also upgrade these jobs yourself.

Even though these jobs are played independently of others, they still cause you to interact with other players. For example: the Bounty Hunter hunts down other players with bounties on them. For bounties to exist, players must put bounties on others.

Team Jobs

Team jobs are automatically assigned when you join a team that is linked to a job. You cannot join team jobs from the Job Dashboard, you must join the team via the Team Selection menu.

An example of this is the Royal Army. All Royal Army players are simultaneously on the team and working the jobs.

Job Abilities

Many jobs have abilities that let you play the game in a unique manner specific to your job. Some are purely functional (like allowing you to view new menus). Others are action based, like the stealth system available to both Bounty Hunters and Thieves.

Upgrading your Job & Leaving your Job

From the Job Dashboard, click ‘Job Panel’ to view your control panel for your job.

From here, assuming you are working a Solo Job, you can upgrade your job. The price of the upgrade is always viewable within the upgrade description. Upgrading your job costs shillings, but is worth it. Upgrades will make it easier to do your job, allow you to access better abilities, and other cool things.

To leave your job, click the ‘Quit’ button and confirm your choice.

All job stat values and behavior are subject to change. Please feel free to give feedback on how the current system is balanced