Bots attacking game servers

So I’ve already made one post about these guys that are trying to constantly pick on me and the group / game through Discord.

Now the game has recently got 1 thousand more dislikes in that short period of time?
The servers have a bunch of default faces that repeatedly rejoins and joins my servers.

I wanted to ask here on the developer forum as once again, I am a new developer trying to make it higher and I’m not quite sure wether or not I should act on things like these. I’m going to be honest that it’s quite unsettling having people continuously trying to ruin my servers and game entirely. Should I act on this or is it just something I’d ignore, that’s my question.

Picture of the servers:

Thank you very much.



Believe it or not I’ve thought about this too, in recent times many devs were banned to due their game being botted. Regardless of whether they did it or not, I feel like some toxic devs or users can bot our game and get it closed, probably get us banned. So what I did is I tried to implement another captcha in the game it self, but my method is kind of not that effective as they can just enable the bot to solve my version. But I am working on another captcha concept, I’ll state it below.


Menu - Game Servers

To play my game, the user will have to join the menu first. When they join the menu server, They have to solve captcha which will be clicking two randomly placed dots on the screen.

If they don’t solve the captcha within the given Time Limit then they are kicked out of the game, if they solve it then they can proceed to the actual game.

I don’t know if this method will be effective against disliking bots but it will prevent botting in our games.

Here is my previous version


This is quite unsettling though. I started this as a solo project and it went so good that these guys are just full onto trying to terminate everything related to me. The captcha seems like a good idea, but it’s just extra effort which barely any games has used.

I can’t really do anything, I assume, rather than hoping for the best and being lucky that Roblox doesn’t terminate my things. Why would I dislike bot myself in the first place.


Hi again,

Yes, I agree with you. But I feel like implementation of captcha in-game would ruin the user experience which I really thought about when someone mentioned it in the discord. But I don’t feel like there is another way to avoid dislikes unless Roblox does something. But as I said the captcha idea could prevent botting.

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create a script which simply looks if the account is older than 7 days, usually bots dont last that long, its a rather radical approach, but gets 90% of the bots from the getgo


That is also effective. Although some people use older accounts by using their cookies which they steal usually through youtube videos and whatnot, how would you tackle this kind of scenario?

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Great idea! Although it doesn’t ALWAYS work, it’s still better then a captcha because it takes less effort to make.

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To be honest, captcha is not that hard to make, but yeah the solution minkmink stated works, only for bots aged below 7 days.

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Slight aside:
Are there any restrictions on who can like/dislike?
Or are all new bots allowed to vote?

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Any player can like/dislike after they play the game.

Well, you can increase the minimum days required to get access to the game. 30 days would mean 99% of bots can’t join the game. (I don’t know if that’s true, but I assume it’s somewhere near that percentage.)


That is a good idea, but you could lose out on new users, that would be a potential loss of users? I think?

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Yes, you are right. Although it would only be like 5% of players who find your game. At this point in your situation with the dislike botting, it wouldn’t matter too much.

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True. I agree, I feel like Roblox should do something about this.

The main issue is before you have enough likes to counter the bot dislikes. Might prevent curious explorers.

Would it be possible to check account prior to them being able to “join” game and gain access to likes?
and use the account age limit for early deployment?

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You could use account age limit method but I doubt if you can check their account before joining,

You can’t block users from joining the game based on account age. You can kick them with a script right after they join, but they’ll still be able to leave dislikes

Also first time I’ve seen someone complain of their game getting botted, people ususally pay good money for that


Nice point, didn’t think of it that way.

So it’s on Roblox to protect new development from malicious dislikes.

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What if a player (not new, doesn’t matter if the player is new or not) instantly gets teleported to another game and there you can check the account age? If they pass the minimum account age, they get teleported back to the game. If they don’t pass the minimum account age required to play the game, they get kicked. Would that work?