Bouvet Island inhabitants have no popular sort

After the outrage I felt after reading Bouvet Island Is Uninhabited I decided to promptly get on a flight to live there, or in other words, I changed my account location.

Now to my horror, upon making this change I visited the games page to be shocked with this sight:

As you can see, there is no games in the popular sort!

I noticed this bug today, and you can replicate this by living in Bouvet Island and trying to go onto the games page.

This bug is a public outrage since this really harms game discovery for all the inhabitants of Bouvet Island.


That’s one interesting discovery. I thank you for flying all the way out to Bouvet Island, setting up your computer, and checking the games categories to see what happens there!

I hope roblox fixes this bug for Bouvet Island inhabitants, so they are all able to enjoy the most popular games on the roblox website!


There is no one that lives there, hence no popular sort.

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Still, I would consider it bad UX since it says ‘Popular’ not ‘Popular in your country’ inferring that its the worldwide popular sort, despite the fact there is a sort for this this is still poor user experience, and in the event of someone such as myself deciding to live here, I would love to know what games are popular from the moment I go on the games page!

Regardless of population there is no excuse for this careless bug!


Ok you’re kinda killing the joke now - one thread is enough, you’ll get them both taken down.

Please don’t kill it :frowning:

Regardless of how ‘stupid’ the issue is or how silly the post is worded, this is actually an issue. A location with insufficient Roblox players will break the sorts. A likely solution to this would to just be to fallback to popular worldwide or popular to the geographically nearest area with a sufficient sample size.


This regardless of how silly it is, and the fact its a joke is actually by definition is a bug and therefor should be treated as such, regardless if its low priority.