Brand Developer Directory [Survey]

[Update] February 23, 2024

Hey Developers! :wave:

In the coming months, we will update the Talent Hub to include a new Brand Developer Directory that promotes developers with a history of creating engaging experiences on the platform and a history in partnering with brands. This directory will offer more visibility for you and your team to various brands, IP holders, and music artists from around the world.

We are looking to feature developers who meet the following requirements :memo::

  • Published at least 1 experience with 5M+ MAU and 65+% like score
  • Has built a custom experience for a brand, IP, or artist on Roblox*
  • An updated, detailed, and complete Talent Hub profile
  • Account moderation history in good standing
  • Developer submitting the survey must be over the age of 18
    • If you work in a group/studio, please have the owner submit on behalf of the team.

*At launch, we will feature approximately 30 developers taking into account experience and partnership history. We encourage you to express interest even if you haven’t built a custom experience for a brand for a chance to be featured in the future.

For a chance to be featured, please fill out this form!

Thank you.


How will I know if my team will be featured?

  • A member of our team will reach out to you with the next steps via the contact information you provided.

Who should submit the survey from my team?

  • Please have the main representative fill out the survey on behalf of your studio. We will accept only one survey per team.

Will the developers who don’t meet the requirements still have a chance to be featured in the future?

  • We encourage you to complete the survey even if you haven’t built a custom experience for a brand for future promotional opportunities.

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This is a good new to see developers (unlike me) will have a chance to be featured! Let’s be honnest, the previous updates weren’t crazy but this one isn’t so bad, and even, really good for big developers :slight_smile:


I love this idea — just a quick follow up question

is there any plans to do something similar for UGC accessories? I’ve collaborated with over 15 brands and many don’t even have experiences, only virtual merch drops


Are there plans to reduce this requirement as time goes on? 5M+ MAU is a really hard target to reach.


How exactly is this doing anything but promoting the already ultra successful? 5M+ MAU AND past work with a brand is an awfully high bar to clear. If you are at that level I highly doubt you need your own sort on the talent hub to find work.


Games with 5M visits and a 65% like rating are not the ones having trouble being featured…


Roblox is trying to enhance its marketability here!

This isn’t catered towards many development studios. This is something that I see as benefiting places like Dubit, The Gang, Gamefam, or Voldex. Some of these are multi-million dollar studios whose sole purpose is to create marketing tools for companies.

Will this benefit Roblox financially, yes! Will it benefit the community built around the platform? We’ll find out


This is cool and all but the 5M+ MAU requirement is a little much and only really helps the massive “corporate” developers like GameFam (which they don’t need to be boosted because they are already known lol)


I highly doubt anyone whom has successfully published a 5M+ MAU experience really needs more exposure


At least this one isn’t US only.


It’s a good change, the truth is that it will give many opportunities to small developers to stand out, but I don’t see the point that you have to be at least 18 years old😟


For the sake of democratization it would be better to break the catch-22 here if possible.

Teams that already worked with brands likely have no problem getting in touch with brands because they already demonstrated they can do it in absence of this program.


Yeah I don’t see the point of that requirement, it will just prevent actual people who can’t get in touch with brands from getting a brand deal


Exactly my thoughts. Reminds me of that Creator Reward Breakdown statistic from 2022 where only 0.37% developers were actually making money, and the top 8 were already making 10M the year before.

It seems silly and a waste to boost people towards brands who’ve already worked with them before. Who is benefitting from this?


How is this helping small devs? If you have a experience with 5M+ MAU and have already worked with a brand before your not a small dev -_-


To be clear though these brand deals are often very large (5-6+ figure sums) and with that comes tremendous responsibility on the creators, so it makes sense to require credentials for this, because there are very few people who can actually do this.

My main point is that it shouldn’t be limited to successful creators who have already developed brand experiences but should also include successful creators in general. I’m not trying to say this should be open to most creators because that is misleading, this is really tough work that requires a lot of skill and discipline, and it’s not likely you can show you possess those skills without already being a successful creator. It’s in all parties’ interest not to waste each others’ time and money.


I think I expressed myself a little wrong in the message, I wanted to mention that by offering more visibility it can be great for developers who are not well known although they will collaborate with some brands👍


It includes successful creators that haven’t done brand deals before, the 5M+ MAU requirement is there for that reason. They’re looking for creators that meet either or both criteria.


As @buildthomas rightly stated, studios that are already landing massive brand partnership deals don’t need additional help. Brands already know how to find these studios and have done so repeatedly.

Don’t clutter the Talent Hub, a place that exists for the sole purpose of helping smaller studios seek talent and small developers seek employment, with something that doesn’t help either of the two.