Brand New Bubble Chat Customizations

Yes! This is amazing! The one last thing I’d want to see is customizable shapes for the chat messages.


It’s nice to now have an easier way to do this. Looking forward to the personalization options that will inevitably come with it.


Is there currently a feature that allows us to customize the bubble chat UI depending if a player is in team-chat or not? This is something that could be done by forking the old bubble chat system and would be a nice feature for a game I work on.


will there be an option where you can also enable the old bubble chat in your game if you dont want the new bubble chat?
aka this:

edit: wait nevermind i was wrong about what i said

for a second i thought this was going to replace the current bubble chat we have today, but when i looked more into the topic, it was actually about customization stuff to make your bubble chat look more modern and appealing to your game


Nice update it makes bubble chat easier to read now!!!

you know i will go for Dark mode better for eyes …


Thank you so much! This will be so useful for improving my old bubble chat theme!
(a theme for the new rework that looks like the old bubble chat)

Also, I’m working on a full nametag rework, and I’ve really been hoping for player-specific customization + adornee customization. This makes my system possible!


Now this is really cool! I don’t do studio work myself but I can this will be easier for developers! This will definitely be useful for the different types on genres there are on Roblox!


You would just not manipulate the settings at all.


when you said “manipulate the settings”, are you saying like there wont be an option where i can add back the old bubble chat in roblox studio or am i not understand much from your reply

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Cannot express how crucial this update was for us!

Our game struggled to make good use of this new feature due to the lack of adornee customization, and that addition alone has made this a viable tool to use.

The additional customization options are convenient to use and implement; exactly what I wanted from a reworked chat bubble system.

This is a 10/10 update. Kudos to the Roblox Staff who worked on this and made it possible!



I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite a while, adding this to my “experience” right now!


Like manipulation of a majority of core Roblox ui, it takes a dictionary that can define specific settings. This is explained in the documentation that has been listed at the bottom of the post. You don’t need to call :SetBubbleChatSettings() at all if you just want it to be normal.


Good update; however it is still missing a much-asked-for feature, setting chat customization per channel or per message. For instance, setting the background color of a team chat bubble or a whisper bubble. Please implement this, thank you.

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You’re already able to do so, by doing the following:

local Chat = game:GetService("Chat")

    CornerRadius =, 12)  -- Set it to whatever radius you want.

I’m really happy with this update! I wasn’t satisfied by the initial release of the new bubble chat, due to the lack of customization. Now, all of my problems with it have been solved! I’m looking forward to using the new features.

There is a setting for CornerRadius. It isn’t mentioned in the post, but it is in the Developer Hub page at the bottom of the post.

If you’re referring to the old bubble chat that was buggy and broken, I don’t think so. But, you can easily recreate the look of the old one with the new bubble chat settings (corner radius, background color, disabled animations)


You sure can, using the CornerRadius setting! Here’s a client-side example snippet:
game:GetService("Chat"):SetBubbleChatSettings({CornerRadius =, 0)})

No plan for this yet, but I’d be curious to hear what would be the use cases/user stories for this that wouldn’t be covered by the new UserSpecificSettings system!

Since this update, you can now use custom images to use as the bubble’s background, so you can provide your own custom shapes now!


It would be useful for a per use case, or have it so it doesn’t replace each bubble instantly, but instead changes new bubbles could lead to some cool things.

I would like to be able to modify the background color of the bubble chat to the team’s color if the message is within team-chat, if not in team chat it would stay as the default color. This would help players identify if a message sent is in team chat or not.

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Some examples I can think of:

  • Changing the customization depending on where the NPC/User is located. (For example different levels/worlds/lighting settings.)
  • Changing the customization depending on the mood of the NPC to convey them more easily, like a red message box showing the NPC is angry/disapproving vs a green one being more approving.
  • Allowing you to do things like exclusive chat effects where the chat box changes shape or colour in a sort-of animation, for example rainbow chat.

I know you could change the settings before sending each message, but I can imagine that creates a lot of overhead especially with more animated systems, as you’d have to change the entire customization table for the entire client for each individual message. And, another problem with that is possible race conditions, especially with the new up-coming truly parallel luau.

A simply solution would be allowing us to pass along a customization table with the :Chat() function, the API of which would look like this:
void Chat(Instance partOrCharacter, string message, Dictionary appearance)

And used like this:

chatService:Chat(adornee, "Hello world!", {
    TextColor3 =, 0, 0),
    TextSize = 24,
    Padding = 12,
    BubblesSpacing = 8

Or you could store the table somewhere and swap between presets based on certain variables being at play.


Great! How would you make team-specific settings with this update, or this still currently not possible?