Brand New Halo and Unreal Tournament-inspired main menu for Redshift Arena (looking for feedback!)

Hey, guys!

I recently did some UI reworkings for Redshift: Arena, adding in button sounds & effects, as well as completely redoing the actual main menu. I also created an armory screen that’s inspired by Halo: Reach’s system that I feel perfectly reflects how my game’s customization is going to work, and by extension, a new ranking system. The Unreal Tournament 3 & 4 thumbnails on the main menu will be changed here pretty soon, I just have to make some new thumbnails first.

I also made a HALO 5: Guardians-inspired play menu, which more or less is almost 100% identical. I’ll be changing it in a couple days so it’s not the same almost. I’m bad with UI, so taking inspiration from other games is what I do most of the time. I think it’s a bad habit, but is one I’m willing to change in the future.

Would like to hear your thoughts on it, and any changes I could make to it. I hope this UI is better for UX, as I’ve gotten previous replies about how the attention isn’t focused on the Play button, and I hope this time around, I’ve solved that issue. There is a slight bug involving the armory where the Info pane shows up for any category you click on, which will be changed in the very near future.


If anyone is interested in seeing the menu themselves, here’s the link to the game.


That main screen looks like something straight outta a AAA EA game. Great work :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I like it! The design style is :fire:, but there is a bit much going on for my personal preference. Overall though it’s a 9/10!


Too much going on? Are you referring to the images or just the background embers?

There’s a lot of buttons on the first one. The placing feels kind of weird (Why is the “Settings” one by itself?)

Reminds me of Microsoft’s Metro design, which has way too many buttons in way too many random places:

But honestly I wouldn’t be turned off that much by that if I were trying your game. It’s just more of a personal preference thing.

The first page is actually directly inspired by Metro.

A lot of people dislike the design of it, but I’m one of the people that actually like it, so long as the start menu isn’t turned into a start screen. :joy:


You did a good job impersonating it

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Thank you! :smiley:

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If you have any suggestions for any element, please tell me. :smiley:

I’m currently planning on redoing the settings menu.

Also, the reason why the settings menu is by itself is because the shop used to be there, which will be coming back pretty soon.

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There’s just a ton of buttons. As a player I would have to spend a few seconds just looking for the play button, which would not be a good experience. I don’t think I would personally use much if any of the other buttons because I wouldn’t want to read and navigate them all.

And I’m 17. Imagine what the 9-year-olds on here think…

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Not entirely sure how I could solve that problem, unless I put all of the things not related to actual gameplay or customization into a single button called “Extras” and then open up the pages from there.

Hey guys!

I just did another update to the main menu. The more important aspects of the menu are highlighted in yellow while everything else is white. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Here it is:


Are you not using UI constraints? There’s an inconsistent grid layout here:

The text and label size is inconsistent among these buttons:image

Your header has padding for the logo, but not for anything else:

If you’re looking for a solution as to making this form of grid layout work reasonably smoothly without having to manually place everything, what you can do is nest UI layouts and constraints inside of each other. Rather than trying to explain it and possibly confuse everyone, I’ve simply made a quick and dirty example GUI to show what I’m talking about. ReallySimpleDemonstration.rbxl (22.0 KB)
It’s not great, but it should give you ideas and ways to think around scalability and consistency.

I’d also make “Quickplay” something you get to by clicking the Play button - a logical flow would be to click on Play to access the playlists.

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I like the pictures. They make the menu look sick!

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Thank you, @Intended_Pun! :slight_smile:

Will be working on more improvements to the menu later today probably.

I chose not to use UIGridLayouts because they don’t offer the level of control I want / need for my menu.

The grid is inconsistent, but I’m planning on fixing that later today or in another future update.

As for the Header, I really need to revamp it at some point, since I’m planning on adding in a new currency in the future.

I can totally understand why you don’t want to use UIGridLayouts. I personally don’t like using them all that much because you can’t make layouts have consistent padding throughout.

New overhaul!

Wanting to know if there’s anything I can change about it. It’s a more traditional Main Menu, compared to the previous metro-inspired UI.

What do you guys think? :slight_smile:


The background image will be changed to something more fitting in the near future. :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, this one looks way better. It’s not information overload and I can actually see the play button. Also, I like that you’re including a background picture, that’s a great way to showcase your game to new players.

If I had one complaint, I would just say to change the color of the play button or make it bold or something. That way, it will be easier for players to get in to the game.

Edit: You might want to move the shop higher too. Gotta make that sweet sweet money.

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