Brick Brawlers #5

Look, a Bloxy Cola!

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I added some new stuff to the game. The bloxy cola has a 50 percent chance to heal you to full health and a 50 percent chance to explode you. The explosion kills you but also whoever is close to you, so you can use it in a situation like that. I also added a great new map.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 1.16.05 PM

Other than the map and the bloxy cola, it doesn’t seem like I added much. So why did it take so long to make this update? What I did is invisible to any player. I completely reworked all of the scripts in the game. There are way less RemoteEvents and way less scripts now. My code is now more efficient and easier to read. This means that new characters are super easy to add, so expect lots of content over the coming weeks! I plan to add a lot of maps, powerups, and some really cool characters to the mix.

Play here: Brick Brawlers - Roblox



EDIT: I also fixed the annoying bug that would open the menu while you were chatting!


i couldnt find the new map where

The maps go through a rotation.

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High quality, top tier material. Would definitely check this out if you already haven’t. My favorite addition would have to be the new death screen. Expecting big things!

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