BrickColor team color -> Color3


As a developer, it is currently impossible to achieve certain aesthetic appearances with teams because they’re locked to the BrickColor palette instead of offering full Color3 support. I think Black is too blue and Really black is too dark – this could easily be rectified if I had full RGB control over TeamColor, but it’s locked to BrickColor. If Roblox were able to address this issue, team colors could better match the aesthetic of my game.


Imagine rainbow teams on the leaderboard :exploding_head:


To add to this, RopeConstaints and RodConstraints are also locked to use BrickColor. It would be nice to see these use Color3 as well. But perhaps that’s a separate feature request.


No reason why TeamColor should be locked to the BCP when things like the CoreGui leaderboard are Guis that use Color3 for all color properties. I think that it should be a separate property though, like “TeamColor3” and it affects TeamColor and vice versa, like BaseParts. Removing TeamColor may break a number of games and assets.