Bring back search by classname in the explorer

Right now, you can no longer search by classname in the explorer, which is very annoying because you used to be able to as can be seen in the replies of this feature request. This is very annoying when I for example want to search for all scripts in a place.

For example, I have a ModuleScript here called ‘AlarmClock’
But when I search for ‘ModuleScript’ in the search function of the explorer, nothing pops up.
I do not know when this feature was removed, but it has been annoying me for a long time now that this handy feature is no longer there in studio.


Try classname:ModuleScript (or shorter, c:ModuleScript). Explorer Window | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


ah thank you! i did not know of that feature…

To extend what you said, even though it’s already a feature more could be added. If you search “Script” and there’s no instance with that name then it will return all the Script and sub script classes.

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