Broken Navigation Mesh

In one of my maps for my game, I’ve noticed that the AI zombies tend to not be able to pathfind to the top through the ladders. Here’s an image of it:

I went ahead to investigate by turning on the visuals on the navigation mesh, and here is the issue:

The navigation mesh here is flat out wrong and broken, which caused that area to be untraversable. The only fix to this is deleting mandatory parts to the point that area is virtually broken just for the AI to be able to climb through the ladder. Even then, it’s still busted and still they can’t climb the ladder.

As to why this isn’t in the bug reports category, I can’t post a topic on there. Only regulars and above can post it and I’m only a member. I’ve searched how to post bug reports as someone below that trust level but found no results. So, my conclusion is that it’s impossible to post a bug report.

They’re not unions. They’re regular parts.

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This might be because of the way you created them.

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