[Broken :(] Studs Calculator

Introducing Studs calculator!

Here’s how it works:

(It also works the other way around)

You can also scale the calculator to fit your needs!

It also is able to measure distances in studs, and then enter them into the calculator for you!

Ever been stuck in a situation where you’re trying to calculate the size of a real life object on Roblox? You spend precious minutes searching the web for that one time Roblox released the size of studs in metres then bring up a calculator and do loads of pesky equations to convert units. No more! I say, no more! Now, you just need to select the unit, stick the numbers in the box and voila, you have the stud size!

What’s even better is if you make something in Roblox and you want to know how big it would be in real life, all you need to do is put the stud amount in the right hand box, and it’ll convert it to whatever measurement you’ve selected on the left!


[Broken :(] Studs Calculator - #28 by SteadyOn
[Broken :(] Studs Calculator - #34 by SteadyOn

Get it now! (please i spent ages on this ui)


I should note this does not yet work with dark mode, but I’ll be adding support for it soon, please bear with me on that.


It would be great if it can round to the nearest hundredth or thousandth, but it’s a good and a useful plugin great job!


Why can I never come up with good plugin ideas like this? The plugins you make are very useful, good job.

Just out of curiosity, where did you find the information on the conversions that you used to make this plugin?



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Thanks for this plugin! It will surely help a lot of developers (including me) while building.


Thank you SteadyOn! Very cool.


A quick question: how did you determine the difference in size?


Nice plugin

Thanks for exposing me on twitter btw

You mean this?


Would be cool if you could select two points for it to measure between. I often have large maps that I need to measure.


I can see that being quite useful, do you mean measuring in studs or converting straight to metres/ another measurement? Perhaps I’d display both :thinking:

You should allow users to change the conversion factor; not everyone wants to scale their games in the same way. 1 meter to 20 studs puts an unscaled R6 character at 25cm. This is a realistic conversion given the (unchangeable at the time of that blog post) gravity constant, but it’s not a useful one.


This calculator is based off the force of gravity but doesn’t actually use the workspace’s Gravity property.

This plugin is incorrect in all places that have gravity changed.

This “calculator” is basically just a spreadsheet.


You should also specify somewhere on the calculator what you are basing these conversions off of. It’s obvious that this is a problem because multiple people in this thread had to ask, and my guess is that most people’s first assumption is that it is based off character height, when you instead are basing it off of the acceleration of gravity.


Considering I use a special conversion rate based on size of the cars I’m using, rather than basing on Physics or Character Size, this is essentially, like you said, just something making a baseless calculation of a random conversion rate.

I clicked on this post originally thinking it was something that would tell you the stud distance from one item to another. Would be nicer to have either:

  • Multiple Conversion Rates
  • Ability to put your own rates in
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Could be incredibly useful, thanks!


I’ll add conversion rates when I get time.

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This really isn’t meant to be a calculator in that sense, and I don’t see a problem with it being a ‘spreadsheet’, the naming is the best I could think of to convey it’s function to users. People very rarely change gravity in their games, not only this, but changing gravity does not change the scale of objects. Also, the 20 studs to a metre measurement has worked pretty well for me when sizing most objects. (note that I am going to add a scaling feature given the feedback here)

By your logic of taking issue with it being a ‘spreadsheet’ we may as well not have any plugins as you can just use the command bar. The point is that it’s convenient; It’s easier to have it within a WidgetGui so that you don’t have to tab in and out of studio, do calculations to convert between units before converting into studs and get a calculator every time.

I released this because it’s useful to some people, and I made it because it helps me personally, if you don’t find it useful then please, feel free to never use it :slight_smile:


I’ll add a box to enter this into which saves the entered value next time I’m free to update this, thanks for the idea!