[Broken :(] Studs Calculator

If you convert these to meters it should work fine? Perhaps I don’t fully understand

That’d be 25:4.572 for example.

I don’t think the little scrolly bar could be exact enough for that.

1 meter would equal 5.46806649169 studs.

I see, personally I wouldn’t mind that level of inaccuracy but I can see that for some people it could be annoying. I’ll see if I can figure out a solution to that.

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In some cases I’m working with a mile or more of track pieces. That inaccuracy would get out of hand fast.

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The plugin now has a measure distance function, as requested by @ScriptOn

Simply press the globe with a ruler across it icon and click in two places and it will measure the distance.


I know this topic is old and a lot has changed about scripting per se but the plugin is broken, so if you want to fix/continue it then you might wanna.

The 1/20 ratio may be incorrect. Take a look at this post: How many studs is there in a meter - #30 by XAXA According to it, the actual ratio is 14 / 50, making one stud equal to 0.28 meters.

While we can change the ratio by using the slider you added, it could be nice to have this ratio as default.

The plugin doesn’t work, I even tried reactivating the plugin and nothing happened.

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Same for me… I really need something like this ;-;

Pretty cool where coding has brought us. Keep up the good work!

Instead of adding this, could you add a setting to round it? I would hate for any of my calculations to be rounded!

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Does this Studs Calculator work in game like for a GUI which is given in studs can I use this Studs Calculator to change the amount of studs to metres?

Im having trouble finding it on my plugins tab. It says it’s installed, but there is no access point in the plugins tab. Any help?

Upon Further investigation, i see an error that says:

cloud_2485441527.StudCalculator:10: attempt to call a nil value

Dunno what to do about it? It might be an error with the plugin itself. :confused:

Do you have any thoughts?

I think this is sadly due to the deprecation of the Roblox UI Library that this plugin relied on, I don’t have the time to re-make this, sorry, maybe in future.


This measurement is inaccurate and misleading. Please use the actual game calculation used by ROBLOX engineers, instead of an obsolete blog.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but it’s annoying seeing this everywhere when you want to search on Google. (even though Google is obviously flawed in this sense of help)


Here is the proper conversion that you can find in ROBLOX Studio ‘Game Settings’ and if you do the math:

  • 1 Stud = ~3.571 Meters
  • 1 Meter = 0.28 Studs
  • 1 Mile = 5747.644 Studs

EDIT: My apologies, I just realized that this was no longer used.

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Not bad! Keep up the good work!

Why it doesn’t show in my plugins?

I think it would be nice to host this on a website if that’s ok bro nice plugin