BrushTool: Stamp Models and Parts En Masse!

A while ago I released a modified version of menethia’s Model Brush plugin. I retracted it and apologized since I didn’t get menethia’s permission to distribute my modifications publicly.

I wrote my own plugin from scratch which is based on Model Brush, adding several features and quality of life changes:

  • Uses Plugin Widgets instead of using CoreGui.
  • Choose between two brush shapes: Round and Square.
  • Switch between placing models upright or normal to the face you’re brushing on.
  • Designate which instances you want the plugin to ignore.
  • Add the models you want to brush with a click of a button instead of parenting them to a folder manually.
  • Can Undo and Redo every brush stroke and change to the settings.
  • Enable and disable models individually.
  • Settings are stored with place file, so settings are saved when you load the place.




Would be cool if the brush could recognize what it already placed and attempt to create a more equal distribution. Even with a large brush size, it might place objects on the forward edge one round, on the center (previously the forward edge) the next round, and the trailing edge (originally the forward edge) the next round, leading to clumping of objects:

For making something like a forest, patches of grass, etc, generally there’s a min distance I would like between each object to prevent clipping/overlap, so maybe a mix between above (automatic) and specifying min distance between objects (manual), developers would be able to get better distributions.

Also, it’d be great if the brush settings were saved to Geometry/etc instead of ServerStorage. Lots of plugins save stuff to ServerStorage, which can clutter the explorer when I need to access data stored there for my game. Geometry is hidden from the explorer, and saves with the place.


Agreed, it would be cool to have a density and area checker to prevent clipping kinda like this

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Done. I added the settings under Distribution:


Update the plugin!

EDIT: I only tested the plugin for parts, the minimum distance setting didn’t work at all for models. Fixed it in the latest release.


delete mode and ignore water option pls

I fixed a bug where a folder is created in server storage every time the game is loaded. I also moved it to Geometry (a hidden service) so that it’s hidden from view. Feel free to delete the folder(s) that is/are in ServerStorage. Also fixed a case where minimum distance spacing didn’t actually work.

I’ll see what I can do about delete mode and ignore water soon… ish.

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What do you think about implementing some kind of grid based solution to this?
I was recommended this plugin for a need, but I had to scrap my own solution together because I needed placement to be very accurate along a grid positioning system

I think it should be optional, it looks like a pretty cool plugin overall.

Well, yeah. I was never implying “replacement” but it as an added feature.

This is an amazing plugin, though I am a bit jealous you beat me to it! :wink:

Still though, I hope to see more updates with this!

You’ve legit saved me hours of work for any of my next projects. Thank you, good sir!

Decided not to update my plugin, as this one already has all of the essentials mine did plus better. Great work, recommend this to everyone