BSWW: Sorting Ceremony Timetable

This thread contains the time and order of the events that are going to happen at the Sorting Ceremony. The ceremony happens once a Month and students that have taken the Sorting Quiz may be sorted depending on the amount of students that will be accepted.


12:30pm | 17:30pm Arrive at King’s Cross: Train leaves
13:00pm | 18:00pm Arrive at Hogsmeade: Firsties go to the Lake, others go to the Castle Grounds.
13:20pm | 18:20pm Sorting Ceremony: Firsties arrive at the Sorting Hall, others to the Castle.
13:50pm | 18:50pm End of Sorting Ceremony: Firsties go to the Castle.
14:00pm | 19:00pm Headmaster’s Speech: Welcome new and returning students.
14:10pm | 19:10pm Minister’s Speech: Address recent events from last term.
14:20pm | 19:20pm Common Room: Head of Houses take their students to their common rooms.


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