BubbleChat's Epic Makeover

I’m interested to have this in my game to test. id: 5249768802

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Would love to test this in my game!


This looks like an amazing new update and I’m very excited to see what it will bring in the future.

I’d be very interested in testing this new feature out in one of the new games which I am in charge of developing, linked below.

Thank you. :+1:

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Ah, I meant for games that are created after the system has been finished; it wont automatically affect older games.


I’m interested in participating in the closed beta. The place ID I’m using is: 5536179178

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Imagine. Only 12 days after I wrote a tutorial on making bubble chat colours customisable, this drops. Then I jumped the gun and made an update saying that this should be preferenced due to native customisation support, but then I read the post and got severely disappointed.

Bubble chat is definitely getting the love it rightfully deserves and I am ecstatic about this being addressed, but it’s not in the direction I was hoping. The new BubbleChat appeals too far towards cartoony styles and leaves out crisp, to-the-point, all-purpose bubbles. It’s due to this that I will continue forking the BubbleChat LocalScript to use in a wide variety of my projects. I might also look into recoding it as a whole if there really are performance problems that need to be addressed.

It’s a good update and I’m grateful it’s gotten attention, but it appeals too much to one type of style as the default instead of making this style an option that you can customise into. It’s not just the stylistic choice, but it’s the approach too in how it’s becoming a CoreScript.

It’s not just stylistic choice, but technical details too. We just moved forward by porting the chat system to the Lua-side and now BubbleChat is being backpedaled into a CoreScript just so it can have access to internal libraries. That was really disheartening to see, so I’m going back to forking BubbleChat.



This sounds interesting. :eyes: Just wondering, but is it possible to base the duration upon the amount of text? For example (#Text / 20) + 2.5. Having a simple Hello message be on the screen for around 10 seconds doesn’t sound very ideal.


This new BubbleChat looks amazing, I’m interested in participating in the closed beta!
Place ID: 2565865386

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Here is the game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/5453218945/ROLTA

It has 3 places inside the game, so will bubble chat work in the places?

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Hi there!
Me and my team would enjoy joining the closed beta and gathering some feedback. Thanks!

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I love the name of this topic " BubbleChat’s Epic Makeover" It is Epic. I also have a question however. as of now about 50% of the time the last word wont show. The simple solution is to just automatically add a space to the end of every chat msg. Will that problem be fixed?


What’s weird is that it only references two internal modules: Roact and Rodux (at least in production, it refers to Horsecat internally but that’s not relevant). No idea why these are deemed internal modules, considering they’re both fully open source?

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I’m interested in participating.


Will we still be able to add in command modules? A few commands I want to let the staff say in chat and not let anyone else see it in chat, without having to put /e before it.

I think that is awesome! Now we won’t have people’s chat bubbles going all over the place. And the design is very cute!

This looks very good. I was looking into implementing a custom chat system as the bubble chat currently is a bit buggy, but I’d love to test out this to make sure it gets all the fixes it needs.

I am interested in participating in the program. Place Id: 5191823294

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Thank you for this rework; it was very much needed.

As a developer, especially after being unable to fork the new bubble chat, it is impossible to enable this feature along side a custom chat. Via the current bubble chat, enabling it also enables the default chat window while I would only like to have the input box.

I would still love to mess around with this feature, though!


Interested in participating!
Following Place IDs: 5215758938, 5215864240.
Both are under Game Id: 1823260848

I’d like to submit the following places for the bubble chat beta!


This looks pretty good. The animations look a lot smoother and I will look forward to using it. It’s also nice it’s customizable so I can change things like text color and fonts easier. This all seems pretty promising to me.