Bug regarding SpecialMesh's VertexColor Property

I was recently adding an update to my game when I think I may have stumbled upon a bug. SpecialMeshes with a Texture (property) don’t seem to get affected by VertexColor once inside a tool.

PC Info: Windows 10, 21H2
Date First Experienced: July 22, 2023
Date Last Experienced: July 25, 2023

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open Roblox Studio and add a Tool
  2. Inside the tool, make a new Part called “Handle” with ForceField as its material.
  3. Insert a new SpecialMesh inside the “Handle” part with any MeshId and TextureId of your choice.
  4. Change the VertexColor property to anything different than (0, 0, 0)
  5. Upon Using the Tool in the experience, the VertexColor is not changed.

Video of the issue (too big, had to post it on youtube):

Expected Behavior: The Mesh’s VertexColor Property should change the color of the Mesh, regardless of whether it is in Studio or In-Experience.
Actual Behavior: The Mesh’s VertexColor Property only changes the color of the Mesh inside Studio, not in-experience.


This is actually a bug with Humanoids, not Tools (as shown by how it works fine when it’s outside of a player character and in the Workspace in Edit Mode).

It has already been reported here:

You could add to the report with how it interrupts development so that it gets higher priority.

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Ah. Thanks for the info. I initially thought this was a Roblox rendering issue as in workspace, it rendered fine but in game it just… well became not working.

Also, by the way I have found a fix. Albeit annoying, it does cope.

(This is taken from my own post that I made in the topic @Judgy_Oreo provided)

Thanks for the report! Just to confirm, we have a ticket for this in our internal database.