Bug report wizard resources browser information link gives 404

As a foreword, apologies if this isn’t the right category, I’m posting it here because it relates to forum content, not forum functionality itself.

In the “Bug report wizard resources” topic, under the 4th post about browser information, the link it gives (https://www.roblox.com/reference/deviceinfo) is a 404.


Thanks for letting us know! Removed that reference from the resource list.


Just to be sure – is browser info no longer relevant to creator hub bugs?

The endpoint was removed by another team because apparently nobody was ever using it (barely any traffic in last 2 months). So people seem to be getting their browser information in a different way anyway.

In the future we are going to auto-collect this when you make your report so that you don’t have to copy-paste this. We already do this for the issues reported on documentation content (when using the feedback widget on the docs site) and we will do similar functionality as we introduce more bug reporting surfaces in the product itself.

For the time being it should be ok to just mention:

  • your browser + that you are on latest version of it
  • your OS
  • that you tested it doesn’t occur with all browser plugins disabled
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