Build Showcase Assets

Can I get feedback on these? I’m building assets for a future showcase on my other account, anything I could add or get rid of to make it better?

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 11.14.49 AM


Wow… really really cool!
The only problem I can see is that this cannot be used In-Game as it is way too laggy! Do you have any ideas of how to get around this?

Yes, even in the studio it was laggy because of the amount of detail. I think I just need to level down on the walls as it will make the lag a lot worse. I’m not sure about people to add so many details in parts without the whole game lagging, at this point I might not be able to create the whole showcase which I’m planning on to be big, without it crashing. How do they do it?

You did a great job on it!
I like the colours and materials that you mixed, keep up your work!