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About Me

Hey! I am chariiox and I am a girl builder. I am currently 13 and wanting to build games with other cool developers. I have been building for almost 2 and a half years now since I was 11 and I always had a dream on creating a game by myself. I work with medium poly builds. I’d like to work on short term projects but I’m happy to work long term if I am interested on the project.


Here are some of my works that you can take a look at: (I do not take credits for the ships and machines, other assets and the main building is made by me though.) (WIP) (WIP)


I am available at the weekends for from 4-8 pm BST, and 4-9 pm BST on school days. I will tell you if I need a break or going inactive for other more important things.


Small to Medium builds | 10k-15k
Medium to Large builds | 15k+
Prices are negotiable, my prefer payment is Robux.


First place on building for a Star Wars genre group
Second place on building for Hidden Developers


Twitter | @notchariox
Discord | chariox#2343
Devforum | Message me :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking out my portfolio, contact me with the ways above if you want to discuss on a project!


If I ever go back to SW, IM definetely hiring you.

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