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Equisteria is a growing hangout and clothing ROBLOX / Discord server & is owned by aaron1uv, achieving a goal to keep the group growing. We are currently looking for an experienced builder, who can build a homestore for our group and our style is realistic low-poly / medium poly. If you want to become a builder for our group, you must meet the requirements below this. We are looking for talented candidates who will make sure that Equisteria will be bigger, and better.

Down below, there’s some requirements that you are expected to meet.

Here’s the following requirements:

You must have the experience to build the Homestore, we don’t want anyone damaging anything that could make an impact on Equestria. You must also show proof that you are a builder.

• You must be team orientated and community-friendly, we do not tolerate anyone who’s disrespectful and cannot cooperate with the requirements that are expected here at Equisteria.

• You must abide by our rules, you’ll automatically be sanctioned if you do not abide by our rules/regulations and the requirements that are once again expected.

• Scamming is not tolerated here at Equisteria, if we catch anyone scamming and has a scamming history, you’ll automatically be blacklisted from the team.

These are some of the traits you must have in order to help develop Equisteria, and the community itself:
• Passion for anticipation and implementing your own creative and original ideas; this is required because we do not want anyone stealing off ideas from other groups, etc.

• Making sure you are able to work during half the time of the day/week, we want you to remain active to show if you have the dedication to work here at Equisteria.

• Strong communication skills in English. If you do not understand English, it’s best for you to not participate. We want people to understand the concept of building and understanding each other.

Payment will be depending on how much we make but it will be ranging from 30,000 - 75,000 Robux, mostly through % as we’re putting 100k towards advertising. Please dm us your portfolio/images of work for a response back from us.

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord at: animeuwuw#0001

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading, good luck if you’re applying to help develop Equisteria


Greetings, I think I believe I know someone who may be interested in this project, however I did have a question about something you talked about in the post:

Roblox API would be more of a scripter type role, not one of a builder.

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Hello! Thank you for your feedback, as a team here at Equisteria; we’ve decided to remove that requirement as it does go into more of a scripters role.

  • Equisteria Management.
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Just had a small question, would there be an option to get the 30-70,000 robux upfront instead of percentage?

Other than that, pretty interesting; here’s my portfolio!
:link: Avionicly [Building/Modeling Portfolio] [OPEN]

I’m not @kxqlie But thats probably a no, they might do a small upfront thing but its statistically unlikely due to scams. That is why some people ask for per task but even then that isn’t too drastically common

Oh my bad, I meant to word that differently.

I was wondering if they would be offering just a solid 30-70,000 instead of percents!

by the sounds of it they have around 15k to pay and the rest will come from revenue but seriously don’t quote me as i’m not the owner of the project. I’m just a passer by XD

Hi! I’m interested,

My discord is Ethereal#4689

I can provide more information aside from the build I currently have on my profile via discord

Hey thanks for asking, but we do this to avoid scams; we have proof we have the robux as-well. We also are going to be making a contract.

We do have 100,000 robux, but at the moment we are using this for advertising / graphics. Although if we find an investor this may change.

I respect your post and this is not intended to denounce you at all but, in my experience with you this is what happened; I showed you my portfolio on discord when you asked but I didn’t hear from you for like 5 months after, started to seem like a scam to me so I unfriended you.

I am not stopping anybody from applying, I am just telling what happened in my experience.

If you didn’t get a response back, you most likely was not accepeted.

Hi there! I’m a 3D Modeler with 2+ years of experience with Blender and Roblox Studios, I’m extremely interested in this position and I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Looking forward to hearing from you, Myth#7974

Kind of off topic, but do you need someone to help script?

We might be needing someone soon, we will be making a post shortly!

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Sure thing, send me a pm here when you need one. I would be willing to work with you guys!

Hello! Are you looking for game designers/Managers? I can do community, social media, and project management! Here is my portfolio Game Designer/Manager for hire [Open]

Hello @kxqlie! I am interested in fulfilling your building position. However, I would need more info on both the game, and the payment.

Here is my portfolio:

Sent you a friend request on discord. Umpire#8048 Cant wait to get in touch!

I sent you a friend request, I’m an experienced modeler who can easily make the building you want. I haven’t gotten around to putting together a portfolio but I can show u all my work through discord in a call or screenshots.