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Hello! My name is LuciferVonhart, I’m a Australian Developer looking to enhance my skills as a developer within the community. I’m 17 years old moving into my final years of high school, around this time next year I’m looking to become a semi successful developer. To hopefully take Roblox as a potential career option rather than working at jobs like McDonalds. I’m looking for a community with a strong flexibility of work schedule and lifestyle in terms of mental and physical well being and not being mentally burnt out working on games. I’m looking to work for RoLeagues, RoSports, RoNations and mini games.

My Work has collected users over 20k place vists, althought that isn’t a lot it is mostly for community with less then 100 members. @enolope_1800 @enolpe @ ENOIIIII @Toxizc @thepig49 @ Crxs_Ponga @mryoloswag2 just a small list of players i’ve built for.

I’ve been building for 3 years but only started learning and crafting my skills as a developer as earlier as 2019. I’m currently moving over to meshing, and begining lessons to craft my skills as a programmer / scripter. I currently have almost 120+ map creations ( some not finished or limited )

I’m currently a novice modeller, anything from boxes or small objects i’m able to do although i have plans to be able to make guns, cars, city and models from software like Blender 2.8, Photoshop

:star: out of 5 is best

If its a low star it either mean currently being improved have not done much on it.
Interior and Exterior Design :star: :star: :star: :star:
Low Poly :star: :star: :star:
Communication Skills :star: :star: :star: :star:
Futuristic :star: :star:
Medieval :star: :star: :star:
Work Ethic :star: :star: :star:
Realism :star: :star: :star:

My Work Ethic is very unique, i can either pump out quality maps over a week/night or strech it over a couple weeks. This is because MOST times clients want me to change things before they are finished and nip picking individual things. I’ve quit many commissions due to relationships turning into
peer pressure situations every hour and day for updates, pictures continuous amount of time dedicated to the craft. You’ll be given daily updates and posts at my speed up to your liking.

The following work has taken me weeks to months, this includes research about the style YOU like and research about timeline relating to the build theme.Not all My work is listed below.

CrtyoBlox | AURORA | (Lead Developer)

This is a open World RPG game, where you explore and adventure. Coming late 2019 - early 2020 all photos listed below is built by me.

CrtyoBlox | ROTORA | (Lead Developer)

Still WIP ( 1 - 2 day of work ) yes, the robot is from a popular scene.

United States Group | MILITARY BASE | (Main Developer)

Australian Football League | Assets (Contracted Developer)

National Rugby League | Stadium Creator ( Lead Developer )


Exterior Design


1 Create, operate or maintain a front page game this can be as a developer, staff or contributor. Earning a %% or $$

2 Own and operate a successful studio, leading the future of games, creating and innovating how games are designed and played on the platform.

3 Become a Robloxian Staff to educate the next generation of Developers and young entrepreneurs

4 Become a Elite builder, and join community such as EBR RBA and more.

5 Earn 1 million robux Progress : %0

I’m very flexible to help clients and can work long hours due to me finishing school for the year. You can basically find me always in studio whenever on roblox or rarely playing games on roblox.

All times are in AEST ( Australian )

Monday 8 am - 4 pm
Tuesday 8am - 4pm
Wednesday 8 am - 4 pm
Thursday 8am - 4pm
Friday 8 am - 4pm

Sunday - Saturday
8 - 10 hours

I do not take upfront payment, i feel like the best way for me to work is working for something if you give me all $$$ upfront i basically have nothing to work for since you already gave me the $$$.Like a pig you dangle a carrot in its face and it will keep going for it until he/she eats it. Giving me the $$$ upfront is giving me the carrot to eat for free and then asking me to move most likely the pig will not move.

I’m looking for projects between 10k - 50k percentage is optional but, you’ll need to convince me beyond any doubt. Do not tell me we will earn money off of game passes, i’d like to know logistics potential investors, plans, goals development team how do you plan to make users buy the game passes.

Please, note i own all rights to game when i sell to you you’ll be given a copy of it where you can use at your own will. This is just to protect me from you trying to take credit of my work.

I’m able to earn $$ through paypal but rather work for robux.

Small Maps (Lobbys, hubs) - 5 - 10k
Medium Maps (Award Places, Games maps) 10 - 20k
Large Map ( Exploring, open world ) 30 - 60k

Terms and Conditions

You agree not to sell my map, assets or product i sold to you for your own gain.

Firing me before i complete the map means you releasing yourself from this contract, which means i am able to sell the map for more the or less then originally priced. You will not own any rights.

To allow me to develop at my own speed, to also work under a friendly environment where i do not feel cooped up

Friendly and mutual relationship


it’s really good i could consider it for a project

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