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Hi, I’m a 17 year older Roblox Developer from Australia. I build in almost any style, realistic, lowpoly, sifi, medieval and more.

2+ Years in Roblox Building (Over 120 Projects done)
5+ Months of Modelling (Blender)
Project Manager for 3 Projects.

Not all my work is not listed here, you can find new projects i embark on in my twitter page which may not be listed here.

Mandalore (Alpha Testing)

Honks Hangout

Western Sydney

Gucci est 2019 clothing store

CultureKing Store

CrtyoBlox | AURORA | (Lead Developer)

This is a open World RPG game, where you explore and adventure. Coming late 2019 - early 2020 all photos listed below is built by me.

United States Group | MILITARY BASE | (Main Developer)

Stadium Buildings

All business inquires can be redirected to discord or twitter. Able to replying within AEST time between 6-8 Am 5-9pm (Weekdays)
6am - 9pm (Weekends)

Only looking for projects with guarantee compensation for assets. Not looking for %% Unless you’re a large studio.

Prices can be anywhere between 40-150k per project.


it’s really good i could consider it for a project

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