CLOSED [5k] Digital Art Banner for my Twitter

Hello! I’m Lucifervonhart, im looking to hire a short term GFX creator or anyone who can make high quality work for my Portfolio and Twitter to make it more appealing for my clients.

What Im Looking for

1x Twitter Banner

What Im Looking for

1x TemplateBanner for Portfolio.


You can use the pictures in the portfolio to make the below refereances
Lucifervonhart // Builder and Modeller

What Im Looking for

Something like this

5k Maximum don’t really wanna spend more then that. (T-shirt) Can pay all taxes.


Twitter :
Discord : HoodLess#9548
Or on dev forums

I check all regularly within AEST time

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Interested in this position. I’m Inkqo#8185 on Discord. Looking forward to working with you! :happy2:

Thanks for all those who applied and i wish for nothing but the best in the future! :heart: :heart:

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