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Hey! I’m scornox, some people call me elmo. I’m a builder, and I’ve been building for quite a while now. I’m pretty new on the dev forum and this is my first post, so this is kind of my way of saying hello and introducing my self. :slight_smile:

A bit of my work

More Realistic

Less Realistic

Low Poly


I’m pretty decent at managing time. I’m usually able to work during the night (PST) from around 10pm-1AM every day.


Payment depends on what type of job it is.
Only taking paypal at the moment.
You can always make an offer and we can negotiate.


You can message me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at elmo#2193

Thank you! Happy to have posted my first post.


Hey elmo your work looks great! Added you on discord I think I might have a job for you :slight_smile:

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Are you still available for a job? I am looking for a builder, more information here.

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this guy is great at his work. I would hire him asap. His builds are really great.

vouch :+1:

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Wow,I love what you made!
Could you help me making a hangout to get donations for hospitals?

Scornox is an amazing builder. His builds are incredibly detailed, and organized. I would totally recommend him to anyone because he is easy to work with and always does 100%.

Hello There!
I am looking for a Modeler for a Museum,To Make some models about the past of roblox games, to be small, and real life people or Objects that people used in the past, Could you do that things?

And some decorations to make the game look more fancy and cool.

yes i could do this! dm me on discord :slight_smile:

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Yey! Finally!
It’s very impossible to meet people that knows that…
I am xdavidprorealreal#4953