Built a Lobby using a free Low Poly Kit

Hello! :coefficients:

First of all, here’s a little backstory of this post:

(You may skip this and go straight to the build)


In my post, I was originally going to make a game where you have to survive from plates but also have to answer trivia questions. The game idea was inspired by both Plates of Fate: Remastered and Horrific Housing.

But then I started to get into problems. The main problem with that game idea is that it needed lots and lots of trivia questions; even expanding out to several categories of questions and I thought that wasn’t really worth my time. I decided to scrap the idea and move on.

Later after I cancelled my old project I thought of a new game idea;

What if you mine ores with your legs?

And that’s the backstory, anyway…

I’ve built this map using Inno’s Asset Pack from the Creator Marketplace on Roblox (which I highly recommend using sometime), and using a bit of my own builds too.

Alright, here’s the build!


Now I haven’t done this before but I’ll probably start using a vote system to see if you think there could be improvements or not.

Do you think there should be improvements?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Constructive Criticism is Appreciated! :ok_hand:

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The green color is too bright and it feels unnatural. Try adding darker color palette and maybe put more plants and fences around. Overall not too bad.

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I actually intended to be that way, nor trying to go for realism.

I wanted to be bright green so it’s eye-popping.

I think the green is a bit too bright. Looking at it for a little while can make my eyes hurt.

Also, I think there is some room to add some type of decorations in these areas:

And the text of the buildings can be a bit unreadable and too bright, like this example:

The grass is definitely too bright. Maybe try using the brick color “Sea Green” (but a little bit brighter if you want). The red things on the rebirth building look… weird. Not sure what its supposed to be. Doesnt seem to be bricks, because it looks to be glowing. It also feels a little too small.

I would recommend putting the 3 buildings connected to the waterfall have a bit of a better path to them other than it being a straight line.
The smoke particles on the rebirth building seem a bit small.
The signs should have a bit of transparency to them so they still glow but arent difficult to see on lower graphics settings where the neon is a bit lower resolution.

Overall very good design, could definitely be used for a game with the proper tweaks done to it.

A few words
It’s, too, bright.
Get a better color scheme??

the terrain is wayyyyyy too bright for us to see as that would break our eyes like glass, plus i can see ourselves being on mid-air land because i can’t see much wall decor like this

3d signs look a bit too bright so they may not be clearly visible to everyone
overall, it’s mid

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Oh god, that green HELP I CANT SEE
The green is WAY too bright, and the bricks glow, or whatever those red blocks on the building are.

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