Making a game, I need feedback with the builds and core gameplay

Hello! :upside_down_face:

I am currently working on a small project of mine that’s based of some few games, Plates of Fate: Remastered and Horrific Housing.

Let me give you an idea of the game:

In the game, players will have to survive from random events while being stranded on plates but the difference is there are trivia questions!

Here’s more information:

When the game starts, players will be given a minute to do what ever or look around before the first question starts.

Once it gets to the first minute of the game, players will then have to answer
the question that’s being provided by hopping to a specific area of plates. They will be given minute to answer. After the countdown, players will be separated by a large wall, impossible to pass through. Players won’t be able to hop around to the other side of plates after the timer is up.

If a group of players gets a question correct, they will receive a random gear item whether if it’s good or bad as reward. The area of plates that is being represented as the correct answer will receive “good luck” (Good events) to that specific area of plates.

If a group of players gets a question wrong, they don’t get any gear item for getting it wrong and will have bad luck (Bad events) to that specific area of plates

After a question if over, players will get 5 minutes of ran events. The correct answer will always goes first, then counterclockwise. After 5 minutes, it’s rinse and repeat.

When players die, the outer plates that are near the lobby will disintegrate. Players that die but their plates but are in the middle of the arena will not disintegrate and instead a gravestone with their username chiseled on. But once all the plates near the lobby all disintegrates, plates will start disappearing around the center in the arena.

When more players start to die, questions start to get harder and harder until no one is left. The last player alive wins

The game will be developed by Bombination Studios, my game studio I founded a year ago.

I’m just going to let you all vote if your interested playing this game if it ever comes out.

Would you be interested in playing this game?
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Okay here’s some of my builds for the game:




Thank you for reading

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7.9/10 - Not a solid game idea, needs work

Let me explain why I wouldn’t play this.

Horrific Housing and Plates of Fate is basically this game, but switched up. I kinda like how you switched it but at the same time I don’t.

The fun part about horrific housing and Plates of Fate is that it ends quickly, and minigames go rapid, and also good and bad effects are randomized and have an effect on everyone.

I feel like this game will get harder, not because of the questions as you never explained to use or wrote a list of them to use, but the fact that its time consuming.

Players will most likely leave midgame, due to how long the game would be, if I recall you stated that each player right or wrong will get litterly 5 minutes of random events that are good or bad, this is an issue because no one’s going to want to play this for that long, hence the fact that it’s so time consuming for one question.

You should also tell us the events and questions, and how hard or easy they will be, will they become border line impossible at the end? Thats a good factor to make the game harder but the primarily issue with the game is that it takes 5 minutes for each question, by the time the game’s done, everyone who died won’t even be in the game anymore.

Also, Im not asking to be hired but, If you want scripters you should go on the talent hub or drippy servers, were you can hire people. note that you have to specify how they would be payed, how will the game make its monetization, and please don’t put useless gamepasses in their just to gain profit, as it will effect your reputation, and how other developers who work with you or don’t will see you as, this can effect if they want to work or collaborate with you.


ISSUE: To time consuming, not fast paced and its hard to tell if it will even be fun.


Personally though, I really like the builds in all but the plates should maybe have a specific texture or material possibly?

( Im replying 8 days later cause I really wanted to get that out sooner or later )

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Thank you so much for the feedback! @NubblyFry

Although there are some things that I personally disagree. Like for this example:

For me, they literally take forever to wrap things up and restart. Im sometimes in the lobby for about 20 minutes to an hour.

It depends yes, but like your game, it continuesly gets harder, It also depends on game factors and modes but most of the time, people die many much.