Built in Video to Motion Captured Animation

As a Roblox dev, it is a little complicated to create and use quality motion captured animations.
The best resource I’ve found that gives a hint on how to do this is from 2017.

It’d be really cool if there was a video-to-motion-capture feature built straight into Roblox Studio.

If Roblox is able to address this, it would improve my dev experience because I could more easily create high quality animations in way less time.

There are already a number of companies popping up that claim to take 2D video and map it to a rigged 3D Armature as an animation. Most of them use some sort of machine learning. Here are a few motion capture companies I found online:

TLDR: gimme easy Video file to Animation object pls, kthx.:heart:


just wait for mesh deformation update, aka skinned meshes.
you will be able to use any software that export .fbx file to make your animations
and this softwares most of them allow you to import video,gif,images as references for helping out the animation process.

i’m super hyped for the mesh deformation update, finnely start working into hight detailed meshes and animations with bending kness, elbows and etc.

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It’s already possible to import motion captured animations into Roblox.
What I’m asking for is something built into Studio to make motion captured animations easily.

i think not even unity or unreal have motion capture detect.
people make motion capture for 3d softwares them import into the game engines.

So what?
Roblox isn’t a clone of Unity or Unreal, and it’s designed to be way more user friendly.
The point of adding this feature would be to encourage quality animations by making it more user friendly to create them.


This company randomly followed me on Twitter lol

If anyone’s trying to turn videos into Roblox animations, this might be worth checking out:

According to their pricing page, they have a free plan where you can make 30 seconds of animations per month (provided each animation is >1 second). Their paid pricing doesn’t seem unreasonable for short animations (way cheaper than motion tracking hardware ATM, but that might change in the future).

Still, seeing that Roblox is investing into deep learning for animations, it’d be cool if this was a free native feature built into Roblox Studio.


The Roblox gods hath blessed us with this feature!
(idk if they ever even saw this post tbh, but either way, it’s cool that they added this)

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