Live Animation Creator [Beta]

[Update] September 12, 2022

Hi Developers!

Here at Roblox, we are always looking for new ways to make it easier to create beautiful, custom content for your experiences. Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new solution to make custom full-body animations in Studio. It’s the Live Animation Creator!

If you have used the Animation Editor before, you know that you can edit keyframes, enable IK mode, and import FBX files and from Roblox to create your own animations. We have seen some really impressive custom animations you all have created using these systems, but also know that these processes can take time to generate high quality, realistic full-body animations.

Developers can now upload videos up to 15 seconds long, and within minutes we’ll process that video onto your avatar and generate the keyframes for your custom animation. Whether you’re doing the robot, spinning around, or doing a jump kick (please be careful), creating custom animations is now easier than ever.

For instructions on how to use this feature, check out the Animation Capture - Body Documentation.

Live Animation Creator Demonstration

Keep in mind that this is in beta, and is slowly rolling out. Because of this, you might not have access to this feature just yet. In the meantime, here are some tips to create great animations from videos:

  • Keep the camera steady with just a single person in your video
  • Make sure the full body is well-lit and visible throughout the video
  • Keep videos to a continuous single shot of <15 seconds

Please be safe! Make sure you have enough space and do not attempt anything dangerous in your videos. Shout out to @pixgenerator @deeplearner @marcelthekiwi @singing_sushi and @gradientfree for all the hard work that went into this. We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing what you all create!

Thanks for reading.

[Update] August 9, 2022


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I’m just gonna say it — This is a historic moment on this platform. Very few moments like these that really shape the next era of this platform. Words can’t describe how happy I am to see this as a creator. Thank you to everyone who worked on this.


Bloody hell this looks amazing, can’t wait to see what roblox developers do with this!


This is a great use of the kinetic like ability that roblox studio can posses, I’m very excited to see this start getting bigger and being used.


This is cool, I like it. But I bet awesomely (aka the guy below the message) likes it even more.


This is revolutionary! Roblox is going so far with a slow pace. Games can be perfected with this new feature and animations will be on top! :top: Very excited for the future updates!

Two Questions Though!

Many keyframes are generated using this feature, how is this going to affect the performance?

If we contain tools, backpacks, accessories which we want to have animated as well on our character, can this AI detect it? For example, I want to animate my character aiming with his Bow & Arrow, should I do the same for recording myself using a Bow & Arrow? :sweat_smile:


This is insanely good, it’s a gigantic step when it comes to animation creation. So glad to see this feature, I remember I tried using a website a while ago that did the same thing but the result was very bad, seeing the feature directly implemented by Roblox makes me truly happy. Very impressed! Thanks for this awesome feature.


I agree. There should be some way for decreasing the amount of frames so we can alter the animation a little bit to our needs.


I agree, but it just came out so just remember that.


This is going to improve not only large studios, but also solo developers who don’t have the skills or time to manually animate. What video resolution is necessary for this to work? Im thinking about using a built-in laptop webcam for the sake of convenience. Also, will there ever be support for custom rigs?

Here’s my first attempt, it looks a little goofy.

Another one I recorded, it might be on a strange axis because of the recording angle.

both were recorded on my smartphone, then sent via email to my pc.


I agree, but change is always welcome!


Does the Live Animation Creator allow us to create animations of for example a dog or any other animal or does this only work for humans?

If it’s only for humans, is there anything planned in the future to expand this?

Edit: Also can this be done for just like a hand or does this only work if we record our full self?


Is this only available for standard R15 rigs or is it usable on custom humanoid rigs as well? I’d love to use this in my game but we use custom character rigs for our player models.


Here are some cool things I made with this:

It looks a little choppy, but nonetheless, it’s a lot less work!


This is amazing! I think this a good step towards the future of Roblox that many envision (make it easy to create immersive 3D worlds). It would be cool if the video cap and animation quality could be increased overtime in order to make longer and more realistic animations.

This is definitely going to allow those without animation experiences to make animations.

I think a next step would be a photogrammetry 3D model creator, but I have heard this might be in the works already.


works alright :+1::+1:


this is an masterpiece.


I don’t even want to know what you were doing irl to get this result :laughing:! Anyways, I think this is a cool showcase of its capabilities.


Woah there… this is honestly a really cool thing to add! Something that I could use continuity camera for.

I have one question though.
Is processing done on device?