Bulk Audio Reupload Helper - Ease your transition into the March 22nd audio permissions update!

Bulk Audio Reupload Helper

The decision by Roblox to make audio above 6 seconds private and only usable by the uploader of the asset (in short) is quite well known at this point, and it will undoubtedly create some headaches for developers with many audio assets in their games.

I made a tool to help ease this transition by offering a means to seamlessly re-upload all affected audio to your profile, and replace asset ID references in studio automatically! You can check it out on GitHub here:


I’ve provided some more info on the GitHub README, as well as instructions on how to use it. It is still somewhat experimental; please feel free to submit issue reports or contact me directly about any issues with the tool, or make a pull request and contribute if you’d like.

Keep in mind, using this tool comes with some amount of risk due to the fact that a bulk of audio assets are being uploaded into your account. You may want to manually review some or all of the audio you intend to upload before you use it. And of course, make sure you have the upload quota, since that is a thing now.

It is also good to keep in mind that, although no time estimate is given, Roblox has mentioned on their announcement that they do plan on allowing users to set audio to public again at some point in the future. This may not be a good option if you only have a few assets that need to be re-uploaded, and/or they are not important to your games.

How does it work?

A plugin in studio sends a list of all asset IDs inside of Sound instances, as well as all IDs referenced in scripts, to a local Python server. This server uses the same toolbox API endpoint as the new Audio Discovery plugin to collect bulk asset information on all audio assets in your game, and determines which ones will need to be reuploaded. Then, it uses the Publish API to re-upload these audio assets to your profile, and returns a list of all new IDs to the plugin to automatically replace these IDs in your game.


Now, this is a good resource.

However, it may not be allowed as you are essentially circumventing Roblox’s intent of privating the audios in the first place.


I’ve definitely questioned whether something like this would be allowed, but considering they never mentioned any rules indicating that users can’t manually re-upload these assets themselves, I would imagine automating that process doesn’t change much. Could be wrong though.

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Not really, since Roblox is expecting us to re-upload non-public audio as our own anyways.


ToS already prohibits uploading assets you don’t own to the site and they have their own copyright algorithms. If you’re reuploading audio you don’t own, you’re kinda walking into a bad situation to begin with.


Amazing, very amazing. Yay now I don’t need to manually replace audio.

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Very impressive and a much-needed convenience for many. Is this tool capable of uploading audio assets to a group rather than a user’s profile though?

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Yep, if you run it on a group game it should automatically upload to that group instead of your profile.


Is this still a thing, if so I really need it, please let me know. Thanks!