Bumping reoccurring issues in #bug-reports shouldn't automatically lead to the topic being closed

As an avid Studio and devforum user, it is currently too hard to get attention for bugs which have previously been solved but are occurring again.

If Roblox were to address the issue, it would be beneficial for everyone who wants to contribute and report bugs. Roblox would be able to find and solve the bugs faster as well and it would open up the ability to have non-regulars contribute without sacrificing the sense of security the bug report wizard offers.

Anyway, I just want to express the reasoning behind this feature request by using a scenario that happened to me personally. I am currently experiencing an issue where I cannot upload meshes in group games so I decided to look around and I saw that there was a bug report for the exact same thing that was happening to me. I saw a few users have replied and were experiencing it again only for it to be completely disregarded and locked.

The reasoning for the lock was because the bug report had a marked solution, however the comment on the lock was “File new bug reports for new issues”, which as we know, isn’t an option for most users. Not in a timely manner at least.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts below.


That one was closed because the thing that caused the bug at that time was solved. So if it “reoccurred” the root cause is likely different now, so just make a new one, as buildthomas suggested.


That makes sense but it isn’t an option for non-regulars unless you try messaging developer relations. Even then, from personal experience at least, I tried reporting a bug the “old-fashioned” way by messaging developer relations and having it go through post approval on the forum but I’m not sure if it was even read, nor were any responses given.

Did you try @Bug-Support ? AFAIK it’s a different team, that handles bug reports

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Oh, no I didn’t. That’s probably why then, I’ll send them a message. Thanks for that!

I’ve marked the correct solution. (Solution to feature request is not “contact bug support”, but the solution is that the locks are happening correctly because the root cause now is not the same as the root cause back then)

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